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Richard Nelson LLP’s specialist SEN solicitors can help you with all stages of an EHCP application, assessment and appeal as necessary.

Are your concerns about your child’s special educational needs being dismissed by the school or Local Authority? Do you feel like you are an interfering parent for raising valid concerns about your child’s education? Are you not being listened to? Is your child’s anxiety about school increasing and refusing to go to school? Are you dissatisfied with the education being provided to your child and frustrated with the lack of change taking place?

The above issues are common amongst parents with children with Special Educational Needs and engaging the services of a SEN Solicitor can often result in issues being resolved more quickly.

The first step is getting the right educational provision for your child is to obtain an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This is a legal document setting out the special educational needs, health needs, social care needs and educational provision for your child. This document enables you to hold your local Authority accountable for providing the educational package detailed in the EHCP.

Without an EHCP is difficult to be clear about what your child special needs are and what provision he/she needs. The EHCP is there so that all professionals working with your child have a clear and accurate picture of that what your child’s needs are and provision to meet those needs.

What if you already have an EHCP? It needs to be scrutinised. Is the provision clear, specific and quantified? Does it fully describe your child’s needs? Does it contain all the provision your child needs to progress? If not then you may find it difficult to ensure that your child gets the education he/she really needs.

We can check your plan, advise on its effectiveness and provide you with advice on how to get changes made to your child’s EHCP and appeal on your behalf if necessary.

Richard  Nelson LLP’s SEN solicitors can provide help and advice in the following areas:

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