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The GOC has an Interim Orders Panel which examines situations where the GOC considers that a Registrant’s registration should be restricted whilst allegations faced by an optical professional remain unresolved.

Unfortunately, all too often the first time a Registrant knows that they are under investigation by the GOC is when they receive notice of an Interim Orders Panel hearing. It is likely that only short notice is provided and the hearing will take place shortly after the Registrant receives the notice.

An Interim Orders Panel will not make a factual finding in relation to the substantive allegation.


Powers of an GOC Interim Orders Panel

An Interim Orders Panel has the power to make the following decisions:

The Interim Orders Panel should only impose restrictions on an optical professional’s registration in the following circumstances:


GOC Interim Orders Panel Review Hearings

Where an Interim Orders Panel has made an order to suspend or impose conditions on a registrant’s registration, an Interim Orders Panel Review Hearing must review the order every 6 months.

An Interim Orders Panel can only make an order to suspend or impose conditions on an optical professional’s registration for a maximum period of 18 months. Following this, if an Interim Orders Panel wishes to extend an order it needs to direct the GOC Registrar to apply to the High Court for permission to extend the order for a further 12 months.


Factors taken into consideration

An Interim Orders Panel will take the following factors into consideration:


Types of Allegations which may be referred to an Interim Orders Panel

All cases referred to an interim orders panel are treated individually.

The following list provides examples of situations where a registrant may find themselves referred to an Interim Orders Panel:

If you have been referred to an Interim Orders Panel, contact one of our expert lawyers for advice and representation. We can make submissions on your behalf before the Interim Orders Panel, whilst safeguarding your position in respect of the substantive allegation faced.

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