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Why would I choose the voluntary closure of my legal practice?

There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary voluntarily to close a practice. These include


Can’t I just sell my legal practice or walk away?

It is not easy just simply to sell or give away your practice because of stringent rules about successor practice and your obligations to clients.

Even if you have no intention of continuing to practise as a solicitor, it is not possible just to close the doors and walk away. A failure properly to wind down your practice could lead to disciplinary action by the SRA. It is also likely that the SRA will consider an intervention to protect your current and former clients. You will be liable for the costs of an intervention and they are usually extremely high.


How can I ensure an orderly closure of my practice?

It will be helpful to sit down and prepare a plan for your closure. You will at least need to think carefully about the following:

Remember, the costs of an intervention are significant and are the personal liability of the principals even where the practice is a Limited company or LLP. An orderly closure is preferable to an intervention.

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Our Voluntary Closure Service

Our experienced lawyers can help you in respect of a voluntary closure of your legal practice. Our services include:

  • Advising and assisting on the appropriate steps for an orderly closure;

  • Making representations to the SRA that an orderly closure of the practice is preferable to an intervention;

  • Negotiating on your behalf in respect of partnership disputes.

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