Deirdre Simpson

Consultant Solicitor

Deirdre qualified in 1999 and has extensive legal experience in both the public and private sector. In 2016 she decided to cease working as a regulatory solicitor in local authorities and concentrate on developing her expertise in education law, in particular, special educational needs. She took on a role as an Advocate for parents. As a parental Advocate, she maintained a 100% success rate when negotiating education packages on behalf of parents. 98% of the cases were settled without the need for a tribunal and 2% were successful after a tribunal hearing.

Deirdre has now joined Richard Nelson LLP as a Consultant Solicitor to further develop her Education Law practice.

Deirdre is passionate about assisting and empowering parents to obtain the right education provision for their child. She has witnessed first-hand how this can transform the lives of families.

Deirdre’s empathic approach and wealth of legal knowledge will be an asset to any parent seeking to make changes to the education currently being offered to their child.

Therefore if your child has special educational needs and you are concerned about their education, then please get in touch, as Deirdre is happy to offer parents a free initial 30 min telephone consultation.

What Others Say

Deirdre was an amazing help for me during the process of me choosing a school for my son's EHCP. I was very distressed and overwhelmed she helped me to get a second educational psychologist report which then opened up far more possibilities for our choices of schools. It ended with us getting into a school we really wanted to go to with the budget being doubled without any court case or legal battle. Just having Deirdre available with her gentle but sharp approach with all the legal information at her fingertips, meant that I knew just what I needed to say and when to both the school and SEND team. She encouraged me to work out what is right for my child not just a textbook response.

A client

Dear Deirdre, thank you for helping us through a difficult time. Your dedication to my son's case led to the best outcome. We were beyond happy when all this got settled without having to go to Tribunal. Thanks for your efforts.

A client