Helen Gooch

Education Consultant

Helen Gooch is a qualified teacher with thirty-two years experience, working in a variety of schools in London, Derby and Nottingham. Over the past thirteen years Helen has been a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and has worked alongside many families, helping them to understand the protocols and systems involved in supporting children who have special educational needs. Understanding the systems within education can be daunting for parents who are endeavoring to support their child in order to achieve their maximum potential. Helen has a passion for supporting children with a wide range of additional needs; being a practising teacher in the current education system gives Helen the relevant knowledge and understanding to be able to support parents through the process.

Over the last eight years Helen has trained teachers in special schools in Sri Lanka who support children with more profound and complex needs. Working alongside these teachers, pupils and parents has further developed her understanding of Autism, ADHD, Downs Syndrome and other physical and behavioral needs.

The main focus of her work currently is to help parents with advice around Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP), applying for an EHCP assessment and supporting parents when their child is not attending school.