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Mike Willis

Consultant Solicitor

Mike’s consultancy with the firm started in 2018, after 21 years as a partner of a national firm and four more years running his own practice. He has been handling a wide variety of claims and problems confronting solicitors, brokers, accountants, surveyors, and other professions since the mid-1980s, advising colleagues, firms, their clients and/or their Insurers on coverage issues, claims defence and mitigation, and routes to resolution.

Mike’s experience includes consultations by colleagues and by other firms on a variety of technical, procedural, regulatory/disciplinary, and purely practical problems.

Mike has been a speaker at conferences and seminars; an author of various trade and general press articles, and a solicitors negligence textbook.

What Others Say

“I have very much valued your help, professionalism, intellect and wisdom at difficult times.”


“Calm, helpful and always making difficult situations a little easier.”


“You have always been an absolute pleasure to deal with, even if one tends to be in the poo at the time.”