• Resolution (Accredited Specialist)

Neil Grunfeld

Consultant Solicitor

Neil is a very experienced family solicitor who specialises in the financial consequences of relationship and marital breakdown.

He also specialises in disputes concerning children, whether that’s regarding;

  • Which parent the children should live with;
  • How much time the children should spend with the other parent
  • Schooling
  • Religion
  • Wishes to relocate with the children – either within the UK or abroad

Neil is also experienced in drafting prenuptial, postnuptial, cohabitation, maintenance and separation agreements.

He is very approachable, has a friendly manner and gets along well with people. He will always aim to get the best outcome for his clients and will take a robust but fair approach with the opposing party.

Neil understands the emotional impact that disputes over finances and children can have on the parties and, in particular, on the children involved. He aims to support clients through this process and can refer them on to other professionals who can provide them with further emotional support.

As an Accredited Specialist with Resolution, the community of family law professionals, this means he has attained an excellent level of expertise in his specialist areas and has had to undertake a rigorous assessment to achieve this.

Neil can offer his services on a fixed fee basis and can provide an initial 30-minute appointment free of charge upon enquiring. Feel free to contact Neil via mobile or e-mail.