Richard Nelson LLP Continues Sponsorship of Emma Sheardown

We are pleased to be able to report that we are continuing our sponsorship of Para Dressage Rider Emma Sheardown.

Emma’s goal this year is to be selected to compete at the European Championships, which will be held in Denmark, in August.

As part of the selection process Emma will be competing at two internationals – the first one is in Deauville in France and the second at Hartpury College in July. She will also be competing at the Winter Championship – also at Hartpury College in April – and the Summer Championships at Hickstead in June.

Emma was born with Cerebral Palsy which affects her balance and the coordination of both her arms and legs. Para Dressage Riders, like other disabled athletes are profiled according to their level of disability, the reason for this is because it wouldn’t be fair for an athlete for a more severe disability to compete against those who are physically more able.

Riders are assessed by two classifiers who assess the rider’s disability ‘off the horse’ and this has nothing to do with their ability ‘on the horse’.

Riders are graded from 1A – 4 with 1A riders being at the severe end of the disability range and grade 4’s having the least impairment. The level of movements required in the dressage tests vary in each grade. Because Emma’s disability affects so many parts of her body, Emma is profiled as a grade 1A rider.

Emma competes with her team mate, Purdy’s Dream (Eddie). Eddie, like Emma, is Lincolnshire born and bred.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Emma the very best at these events and, if she is selected, at the European Championships later in the year.

For further information about Emma please visit You can find her on Twitter at @EmmaSheardown.

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