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The contractor lawyers at Richard Nelson LLP advise and defend contractors in a variety of legal sectors. Our multidisciplinary team of solicitors is experienced in a range of financial and regulatory cases, giving us the expertise needed to provide the best service for you. If you’re not sure how we can help, please get in touch, without any obligation.

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One of the main services our contractor lawyers offer is advice regarding tax investigations. HMRC is a powerful investigating body and the nature of contracting means it’s relatively easy to find yourself facing an investigation. Getting all the right information in a self-assessment form can be difficult and random checks can also be carried out, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. In these situations, expert legal advice can make all the difference.

Other services that we offer contractors include regulatory cases that may relate to your business. Contractors involved in these regulatory investigations will undoubtedly want a swift resolution with the best outcome possible. Richard Nelson LLP’s solicitors work with you to ensure that this is the case.

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Contractor Law Services.

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  • Code of Practice 8

    Our expert tax lawyers will help manage a COP 8 investigation involving you, including meetings, negotiation and ensuring that it remains a civil tax investigation if possible.

  • Code of Practice 9

    If HMRC suspects serious tax fraud, it will conduct a COP 9 investigation. Our solicitors are able to provide expert advice and representation in these cases.

  • Construction Solicitors

    Our specialist construction solicitors can help businesses with project-based matters, dispute-related matters, and advice in a range of practical situations.

  • Fire Safety Investigations

    If you are subject to a fire safety investigation or if you have been subject to any form of enforcement action, or regulatory solicitors can help.

  • Health and Safety Investigations

    We defend businesses who are under investigation by the Health and Safety Executive, including the most serious workplace accidents and incidents.

  • HMRC Criminal Investigations

    It is vital that you seek specialist representation if you are the subject of a criminal investigation by HMRC. Speak to our experts today.

  • Offshore Tax Evasion and Avoidance

    If you are the subject of a current offshore investigation, or suspect you will be targeted in the future, our solicitors can represent you and help you prepare.

  • Tax Evasion and Avoidance

    HMRC’s aggressive anti-avoidance policies mean that investigations require specialist help to resolve. Contact our tax solicitors to see how we can help.

  • VAT Inspections & Investigations

    Our tax solicitors can work with you in confidence to discuss and resolve matters relating to VAT inspections and investigations.

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