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AAT Disciplinary & Investigations

Our professional disciplinary lawyers have experience of defending accountants before the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) in relation to allegations of misconduct against AAT members.

ACCA Disciplinary & Investigations

Our solicitors can support you at every stage of the ACCA disciplinary process.

Appeals Against the Traffic Commissioner

If you are unhappy with the decision of the Traffic Commissioner, our transport solicitors can help you go through the appeals process.

BEIS Investigations

Our solicitors are experienced in defending criminal investigations brought by the BEIS, including advice when invited to a formal interview under caution.

Bribery Compliance

Our lawyers advise businesses on bribery issues and represent individuals facing allegations of bribery and corruption.

British Citizenship Lawyers

Work with our British Citizenship lawyers to secure citizenship in the United Kingdom.

Business Immigration Solicitors

Our business immigration solicitors support businesses, investors and entrepreneurs in navigating the complex immigration routes into the UK and successfully applying for visas.

Care Act Assessment Solicitors

Our specialist Care Act solicitors are well placed to advise and support you in relation to care needs assessments and financial assessments for care.

Care Funding Advice

Speak to Richard Nelson LLP's specialist care funding advice solicitors for support with making persuasive applications and appealing ineligibility decisions.

Child Arrangements Orders

Richard Nelson LLP’s family team can provide legal advice on Child Arrangements orders. When a relationship breaks down between two parents it is hoped that arrangements for the child to see both parents can be finalised amicably. However, in some circumstances, this does not happen. Our Solicitors will help you to reach the best solution for your child.


We work with current and prospective GCC members to support with fitness to practise investigations, registration challenges, restoration, appeals and more.

Civil Litigation

If you wish to start a civil litigation process or have become notified of litigation against you, our solicitors can make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Contact us to discuss our bespoke service.

Claims Against Executors

When a person dies, the legal responsibility for the distribution of the deceased’s estate passes onto anyone named in the will as an executor. It is their responsibility to carry out the instructions detailed in the will. If there is no will or those named are not able to act as executors, a court may appoint an administrator to fulfil the role.

Code of Practice 8

Our expert tax lawyers will help manage a COP 8 investigation involving you, including meetings, negotiation and ensuring that it remains a civil tax investigation if possible.

Code of Practice 9

If HMRC suspects serious tax fraud, it will conduct a COP 9 investigation. Our solicitors are able to provide expert advice and representation in these cases.

Commercial & Corporate

Richard Nelson LLP has a team of highly experienced commercial solicitors on hand to help clients with commercial law cases and situations where businesses are considering or involved in litigation.

Commercial & Corporate Solicitors

Richard Nelson LLP can be your business’s long term legal partner, supporting you with documentation, policies, employment matters and more.

Commercial Litigation

Our litigation and dispute resolution specialists can help you find cost-effective solutions to commercial issues without having to resort to court proceedings.

Commercial Property Solicitors

Receive assistance in a range of commercial property matters, including sales, purchases, negotiating new leases, acquiring development properties, and more.

Companies House Prosecutions

Our specialist solicitors defend companies and directors, offering expert advice and appearing in court

Confiscation Orders

We have a successful track record in representing clients with confiscation proceedings, many of which have involved multi-million pound figures.

Construction Solicitors

Our specialist construction solicitors can help businesses with project-based matters, dispute-related matters, and advice in a range of practical situations.

Contentious Probate

Contentious probate solicitors help families and individuals with challenges to Wills. Our team of lawyers are specialists in this area, with a proven track record of effectively resolving these disputes.

Coroner Inquests

Richard Nelson LLP's lawyers offer impartial advice to doctors regarding Coroner Inquests and related matters.

Court Martial Solicitors

We provide representation for servicepeople who have been charged with a service offence and summoned to one of the permanent Military Courts Centres.

Court of Protection

Court of Protection solicitors help when the person you care for no longer understands what it means to appoint a Power of Attorney. We can support you in gaining permission to make decisions on their behalf as a Deputy.

Criminal Defence

Our expert criminal defence services include nationwide representation during police interviews and court hearings. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Criminal Defence for Military Servicepersons

Our specialist solicitors can represent you in interviews conducted by the service police and remain by your side until an outcome can be reached.

DBS Appeal Solicitors

Our specialist solicitors can support you with submitting a DBS appeal or requesting a review of a decision to place you on a Barred List. Learn more here.

DBS Disputes

We can help you dispute inaccurate or potentially damaging information on a DBS certificate (or prevent disclosure prior to a check). Find out more and enquire here.

DBS Filtering

Richard Nelson LLP’s DBS solicitors are able to assist with wide variety of related matters, including the provision of advice and guidance on offences that may be eligible for DBS filtering.

DBS Solicitors

Richard Nelson LLP’s DBS solicitors help individuals challenge DBS decisions, appeal or review prior decisions, or who are being considered for the Barred List.

Defence Lawyers for Accountants

We represent accountants before their regulators, defend claims of professional negligence and malpractice against accountants and conduct litigation. We also offer regulatory and criminal defence for accountants and their clients, including defending Companies House prosecutions.

Defending applications under Section 43

Our experienced solicitors can help you where the SRA is seeking to impose a section 43 order.

Dental Solicitors

We provide specialist services for dental practitioners who are registered with the GDC or applying for registration. Contact us to discuss fitness to practise proceedings or any other challenges.

Deportation Immigration Solicitors

Our deportation solicitors assist individuals to challenge deportation decisions and secure leave to remain in the UK.

Directors Disqualification

We advise directors who are involved in any stage of Directors Disqualification proceedings, including written representations and court applications.

Divorce Solicitors

When going through a divorce, you need your solicitor to be compassionate, knowledgeable, and ready to fight your corner at all times. Find all that and more with Richard Nelson LLP.

Dog Custody

If you’re concerned about the ownership of your pet as a result of your divorce, our family solicitors can provide a specialist service to help you arrive at the right outcome.

Domestic Violence Solicitors

Our experienced solicitors are on hand to provide confidential legal advice to victims of domestic abuse, helping you obtain the right orders to ensure your safety.

E-Scooter Law

If you have been notified of a prosecution, contact our road traffic team and we can discuss representation with you.

Education Solicitors

Our multidisciplinary team supports teachers, students and parents in all areas of education. Our services include TRA representation for teachers, admissions and EHCP support, student misconduct representation and more.

EHC Assessments

Our expert solicitors can provide advice and assistance throughout the assessment process, including helping you provide your Local Authority with any written representations and documents that may be required.

EHCP Appeals

Our expert solicitors can help throughout the EHCP appeals process. We can discuss the merits of an appeal, help you to gather the documentation that you need and represent you in a hearing.

EHCP Applications

Our solicitors can provide as much support as you require. We can create the EHCP application on your behalf, or we can advise you as you fill out the necessary forms.

EHCP Solicitors

A correct EHCP is crucial in enabling children with special educational needs to receive the support they need in school. Our solicitors will help you get the right plan for your child.

Employee Settlement Agreements

Our employment solicitors are here to help you leave your job on fair terms. We’ll help you at every possible stage of the process, from the initial offer, to the final agreement.

Employer Settlement Agreement Solicitors

Richard Nelson LLP’s employment solicitors will act as trusted partners to your business, ensuring that Settlement Agreements are correctly negotiated and drafted, so that you can focus on your work with the peace of mind that your business is protected against claims in the Employment Tribunal.

Employment Law

We advise and represent both employers and employees on a range of cases, including tribunals, workplace grievances and Settlement Agreements.

Employment Law Fees

We have provided an indication of costs for bringing and defending Employment Tribunal Claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal.

Employment Law for Employees

We advise and represent employees in a range of matters, including disputes & grievances within current roles, and settlement agreements or other matters following the end of employment.

Employment Law for Employers

Work with our employment solicitors to draft policies and documents, resolve settlement agreement issues, gain support in redundancy procedures, and more.

Employment Law Nottingham

Nottingham Employment Law Solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP represent both employers and employees throughout the Nottinghamshire area.

Employment Tribunal Solicitors

Our employment solicitors will help you make sure that your claim is presented properly and that you get the best possible result from your tribunal.

Environmental Investigations

Our team advises corporate clients and individuals who are involved in various types of Environment Agency investigations.

False Rape Allegations

Our rape defence lawyers will listen to you without judgement and will support you through this process from start to finish. We passionately believe that everyone has the right to a fair trial and we will fight to ensure that a Court hears what our clients have to say.


Issues of family law often come with personal challenges as well as legal. Our solicitors are known for their compassionate approach and commitment to securing the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Family Law Birmingham

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Birmingham firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Bristol

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Bristol firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Cardiff

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Cardiff firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Carlisle

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Carlisle firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Cheltenham

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Cheltenham firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Leeds

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Leeds firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Leicester

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Leicester firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law London

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s London firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Manchester

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Manchester firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Newcastle

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Newcastle firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Nottingham

Nottingham family solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP offer a flexible and compassionate service to clients in Nottinghamshire, as well as the rest of the East Midlands.

Family Law Plymouth

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Plymouth firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Family Law Preston

Family law solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP’s Preston firm offer a flexible and quality service to suit our client’s needs.

Financial Settlements

Richard Nelson LLP’s divorce lawyers are experienced in helping clients to reach the right financial settlement for their divorce. There are many different routes to a financial order, many of which will allow you to avoid taking the matter to court. Our family solicitors will advise you on the options that are best suited to your situation and can provide any of the legal services that are required by different routes to a financial settlement.

Fire Safety Investigations

If you are subject to a fire safety investigation or if you have been subject to any form of enforcement action, or regulatory solicitors can help.

Fitness to Plead

Our criminal defence solicitors have an excellent reputation for defending individuals who find themselves in fitness to plead hearings, which includes representation at the earliest possible occasion.

Food Standards and Regulations

Our solicitors offer a pragmatic approach to advising and defending clients who are the subject of enforcement action by a local authority or the Food Standards Agency.

Fraud Defence

We are one of the leading firms in England and Wales for fraud defence, specialising in serious fraud, but with a strong track record in smaller matters, too.


Richard Nelson LLP’s employment solicitors can provide legal advice for employers regarding the UK Government’s furlough scheme.

GCC Appeals

Find out more information about how Richard Nelson LLP can help you with GCC Appeals.

GCC Interim Orders

Find out more information about how Richard Nelson LLP can help you with GCC Interim Orders.

GCC Investigations

Find out more information about how Richard Nelson LLP can help you with GCC Investigations.

GCC Registration

Find out more information about how Richard Nelson LLP can help you with GCC Registration.

GCC Review Hearings

Find out more information about how Richard Nelson LLP can help you with GCC Review Hearings.

GDC Appeals

Our defence lawyers have expertise in representing dentists, dental professionals and dental students with GDC fitness to practise investigations and with a variety of other regulatory problems.

GDC Hearings

A guide on where to go and what to do in GDC Fitness to Practise hearings.

GDC Interim Orders Committee

During a GDC investigation, the General Dental Council may decide to refer a registrant to the GDC Interim Orders Committee. Interim referrals are commonly done during the early stage of the investigation.

GDC Investigations

Richard Nelson LLP offers advice and representation for doctors undergoing a GDC investigation. The process can be long and challenging, which is why our specialist solicitors will work closely with you to help you understand the investigation and to get the best result from the process.

GDC Registration

If you need help with any issues arising from a GDC registration application, Richard Nelson LLP‘s expert solicitors can provide advice.

GDC Restoration

We will give you realistic and pragmatic advice about your potential application for GDC restoration, to enable you to make an informed decision about your best way forward.

GMC Appeals

GMC appeals require specialist legal representation. It is possible to appeal a decision made by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) fitness to practise panel to the High Court. Richard Nelson LLP’s solicitors can advise and represent you throughout the appeals process to help you get the best result.

GMC Lawyers

Our solicitors represent doctors in proceedings with the GMC and MPTS, helping you with written documentation and advising you at every stage of the process in a range of different matters.

GMC Registration & GMC Registration Appeals Solicitors

To work as a doctor in the UK, it is essential to be registered with the GMC with a licence to practise. At Richard Nelson LLP we have experience of assisting doctors with a variety of issues relating to GMC registration.

GMC Restoration Solicitors

We have experience of successfully representing doctors before the GMC in contested restoration applications. If you have been previously erased by a GMC or MPTS fitness to practise panel, we can review your case and give you realistic advice about your prospects of successfully applying for restoration.

GMC Revalidation

GMC revalidation is now in full effect for all registered doctors in the UK.

GMC Specialist Registration – Reviews & Appeals

There are several routes available to doctors who wish to apply to the GMC for entry onto the Specialist Register or the GP Register. We provide specialist advice and representation for doctors, for reviews and appeals to the GMC’s Registration Panel.

GOC Appeals

It is possible to appeal a decision of a Fitness to Practise Committee. A Notice of Appeal, together with Grounds of Appeal needs to be drafted and lodged with the High Court within 28 days of the decision.

GOC Interim Orders Panel

The GOC has an Interim Orders Panel which examines situations where the GOC considers that a Registrant’s registration should be restricted whilst allegations faced by an optical professional remain unresolved.

GOC Investigations

Richard Nelson LLP’s GOC lawyers offer impartial advice on GOC Investigations.

GOC Registration

Optometrists and dispensing opticians must be registered with the General Optical Council (GOC) to practise in the UK.

GOC Restorations

If an optometrist or dispensing optician has been removed from the register wishes to return to the register then they can apply for restoration to the register.

GOsC Lawyers

Our GOsC lawyers provide expert representation in fitness to practise matters, as well as a range of other regulatory issues including interim orders, commercial disputes and internal investigations.

GPhC Appeals

There are certain decisions made by the GPhC that can be appealed to the GPhC Appeal Committee. A Notice of Appeal needs to be prepared and submitted to the Registrar within 28 days of the date of the decision being appealed.

GPhC Interim Orders

During an investigation into a pharmacist’s fitness to practise, the GPhC may decide to refer a registrant for a GPhC interim orders hearing. The purpose of this hearing is to perform a risk assessment regarding the registrant continuing to work as a pharmacist until the GPhC fitness to practise process has been completed.

GPhC Investigations

Our GPhC defence lawyers have extensive experience in defending pharmacists in pharmaceutical investigations. We have a proven track record for preparing persuasive written representations to the GPhC’s Investigating Committee, which make a real difference to the outcome.

GPhC Registration

All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians wanting to practise in the UK must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). GPhC registration must be renewed each year.

Guide to NMC Hearings

The purpose of this guide is to prepare you for the practicalities of the hearing to enable you to avoid any unnecessary stress in the run up to the day.

HCPC Appeals

An HCPC registrant has 28 days to submit HCPC appeals to the High Court. However, HCPC appeals are risky. The registrant is exposed to the risk of paying the HCPC’s costs if their appeal is unsuccessful.

HCPC Interim Orders

We have an excellent track record in defending HCPC registrants in HCPC Interim Orders Hearings.

HCPC Investigations

Our qualified lawyers are experienced in representing HCPC registrants in HCPC investigations. We have an excellent track record of securing great results in the HCPC, even in difficult cases. We understand how important your career is to you and we will fight hard to protect your registration and preserve your reputation.

HCPC Lawyers

Richard Nelson LLP works with health and social care practitioners who are regulated by the HCPC, supporting you in disciplinary investigations, hearings and other registration challenges.

HCPC Registration

Richard Nelson LLP’s expert solicitors advise healthcare professionals on their HCPC registration applications, helping you to sort through complex issues and get the right result.

Health and Safety Investigations

We defend businesses who are under investigation by the Health and Safety Executive, including the most serious workplace accidents and incidents.

Historic Sexual Offences

If you have been falsely accused of historic sexual offences then contact Richard Nelson LLP's defence lawyers today for representation.

HMRC Criminal Investigations

It is vital that you seek specialist representation if you are the subject of a criminal investigation by HMRC. Speak to our experts today.

ICAEW Disciplinary & Investigations

Richard Nelson LLP’s regulatory solicitors are experienced in defending and advising accountants in ICAEW disciplinary cases. Whatever stage of the investigation you’re currently in, contact us with the form on the right to get advice on how to proceed.

Immigration Law Fees

We have set out our average fixed fees for various types of immigration applications. We offer fixed fees where appropriate, as we appreciate that clients prefer the certainty of a fixed fee.

Immigration Solicitors

Work with our immigration lawyers to receive advice and assistance regarding UK visas, residence applications, citizenship and related matters.

Indecent Exposure Solicitors

Are you under investigation or charged with the offence of indecent exposure? Learn how our indecent exposure solicitors can help.

Independent & Private School Solicitors

Our solicitors will work with you to resolve disputes with your child's independent or private school, or to help ensure that your child receives the best possible experience during their time there.

Inheritance Disputes & The Inheritance Act 1975

Have you lost a loved one and not been provided for adequately or at all, whether under a Will or under the Intestacy Rules? If so, all is not lost.

Insolvency Investigations

Our regulatory team are experienced in advising businesses about investigations by the Insolvency Service criminal enforcement team and in assisting you to minimise the commercial consequences to your business.

Insolvency Practioners

We represent insolvency practitioners in matters relating to the IPA, including written responses, statements and legal representation in Tribunals.

Intellectual Property Solicitors

Protect your intellectual property and resolve disputes with the help of our specialist commercial solicitors.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

We can advise both landlords and commercial tenants in relation to a range of commercial and residential disputes, including contractual issues and court appearances.

Lasting Power of Attorney Solicitors

Our solicitors are experienced in helping people in all walks of life to create Lasting Powers of Attorney. We can advise you on decisions that are best suited to your needs and circumstances. Get in touch with us today to arrange your free initial consultation.

Military Solicitors

Our criminal defence solicitors can represent members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces at all stages of the Service Justice System, with specialist knowledge of military investigations.

Money Laundering

Our regulatory solicitors have been advising businesses and individuals in money laundering issues for years, and also provide training to accountants and other lawyers on money laundering defence and compliance.

MPTS Interim Orders Tribunal Hearings

If the GMC considers that a doctor’s registration should be restricted, whilst allegations remain unresolved, they will refer a doctor for an Interim Orders Tribunal hearing, which will be carried out by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS).

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Solicitors

Speak to Richard Nelson LLP’s specialist CHC solicitors for advice in relation to NHS Continuing Healthcare claims and appeals against ineligibility decisions.

NMC Appeals and Restoration

Richard Nelson LLP works with nurses and midwives who are considering appealing a decision made by the NMC’s fitness to practise panel. We can advise you on the merits of an NMC appeal and provide you with representation in court should you decide to go ahead with it.

NMC Interim Orders

When a nurse or midwife is referred to the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC), the regulatory body will conduct an initial risk assessment. They will decide if an NMC interim order hearing is necessary. The council will only refer nurses and midwives for a hearing if they conclude that this is a necessary step to protect the public, or it is in the registrant’s own interests, or it is otherwise in the public interest.

NMC Lawyers

If you are a nurse or midwife registered with the NMC, or applying for registration or restoration, we can support you in a variety of fitness to practise issues.

NMC Registration

Richard Nelson LLP‘s expert solicitors help nurses and midwives achieve the right result from their NMC registration application. Find out more about the process below and contact us to discuss your application.

NMC Voluntary Removal from the Register

Where a nurse or midwife admits that their fitness to practise has been impaired, they may explore the option of voluntary removal from the NMC register, without the need for a full public hearing. Normally this would only apply where the nurse or midwife did not intend to continue to practise. Richard Nelson LLP can advise you if you are considering voluntary removal as part of the fitness to practise process.

Offshore Tax Evasion and Avoidance

If you are the subject of a current offshore investigation, or suspect you will be targeted in the future, our solicitors can represent you and help you prepare.

Operators License Applications

Richard Nelson LLP can help you with the whole process of an operator license application, from determining the right type to helping you with a public inquiry.


Our solicitors work with opticians and other professionals registered with the GOC to provide advice and representation in fitness to practise cases and other matters of registration and discipline.

Personal Solicitors

Richard Nelson LLP’s personal solicitors encompass a number of different specialisms involving legal advice and representation for individuals. Our personal legal services cater for all individuals in a number of different areas.

Pharmacist Lawyers

Richard Nelson LLP’s Pharmacy Solicitors have significant experience in providing advice and legal representation to pharmaceutical professionals, on all regulatory, disciplinary and professional misconduct matters.

Possession of Indecent Images of Children

Have you been accused of being in possession of indecent images of children? Richard Nelson's indecent images solicitors are here to help.

Prenuptial Agreement Solicitors

Speak to our family solicitors if you are considering a prenuptial agreement or have been asked to enter one, we can help you understand and complete the process.

Primary School Admissions

Work with our education solicitors to get your children into the right primary school, giving them the start to their school life that they need.

Probate Solicitors & Estate Administration

Richard Nelson LLP’s probate solicitors can help you through the process of estate administration for your loved ones, making the process as straightforward as possible for you.

Product Liability Claims

Our lawyers advise businesses and individuals and product liability cases such as claims or product liability and issues of supply chain liability.

Professional Disciplinary

We work with medical professionals, teachers, lawyers, accountants and sportspeople who are undergoing professional disciplinary investigations. We also support with a range of other matters, such as applications for registration and restoration.

Professional Negligence Claims

If you believe a professional has made a mistake resulting in you incurring a financial loss, Richard Nelson LLP's solicitors can advise you on the necessary steps to voice your concerns, whether through a complaint, legal claim or both.

Protection of Vulnerable Adults

Our expert solicitors support individuals, families, local authorities and charities navigating this complex area of law, helping you to protect vulnerable adults from instances of financial abuse and neglect.

Public Inquiries

In the event that you’re called to appear in a public inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner, contact one of our transport solicitors to receive expert advice.

Public Inquiries and Inquests

Inquests can be demanding, high-pressure situations for all involved, which is why strong legal advice is invaluable. We have experience dealing with the most contentious of issues, as well as providing support throughout the whole process.

Regulatory Investigations

Businesses regularly come under scrutiny from regulators and government departments, such as the Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency. When that happens, reach out to our regulatory solicitors to discuss all areas of business defence.

Removal of Police Cautions

Our team includes one of the few police caution removal specialists in the country, which allows us to provide an effective, high quality service and expert advice.

Responding to a Minded to Bar Letter

If the DBS has sent you a Minded to Bar letter regarding a referral about you, contact us as soon as possible for specialist support on how to respond.

Responding to Section 44B Notices

Our SRA solicitors can assist you on several factors regarding a section 44b notice.

Restoration to the Roll of Solicitors

If a solicitor’s name has been struck off the Roll of Solicitors, an application for restoration can be made to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT). Applications of this nature need careful preparation.

Restraint Orders

Our experienced defence lawyers advise on the legality of restraint orders and challenge them where appropriate.

Road Traffic Defence Fees

We can offer fixed fees to defend you for most types of motoring offences.

Road Traffic Solicitors

Richard Nelson LLP’s specialist team is here to minimise the impact that road traffic offences can have on our clients’ private and professional lives.

School Exclusions

Our education solicitors will help you understand your options if your child has been excluded from school, including drafting written arguments where they may help your case.

SDT Appeals

Our experienced SRA solicitors can help you in respect of an appeal.

Secondary School Admissions

Secondary school is a critical time for young people. Speak to Richard Nelson LLP to discuss how we can help get your child into the right school.

Sexual Allegations Against University Students

Our specialist crime and education solicitors can help students facing sexual allegations at every stage of the university's misconduct process.

Sexual Assault Solicitors

Our sexual assault solicitors understand the gravity of such accusations, helping you navigate the legal system with confidence and dignity.

Sexual Offences

Richard Nelson LLP’s team has experience in a range of cases, including historic sexual offences, rape allegation and possession of indecent images.

Social Worker Solicitors

Contact Richard Nelson LLP's social worker solicitors for advice and representation in Social Work England fitness to practise investigations.

Solicitor Dishonesty

Accusations of dishonesty are the most serious allegations which can be made against a Solicitor. If allegations of dishonesty are being made against you, it is essential that you obtain proper advice from the outset.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT)

Our Experienced SRA Solicitors can help you with any referral of conduct to the SDT.

Sports Lawyers

Our specialist sports lawyers can offer advice, assistance and representation at all points of the disciplinary process. We are also happy to advise governing bodies when they are prosecuting a case.

SRA Admission

Our experienced SRA lawyers can help you with an application for admission to the Roll.

SRA Authorisation

If you are taking the bold step of setting up your own practice and are looking to undertake reserved legal services, your practice will need SRA authorisation or equivalent. Whilst the SRA is the most common regulator for solicitors, in certain circumstances you can apply to be authorised by the Bar, CiLEx or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Our specialist team of solicitors is able to assist you with the application process.

SRA Interventions

Both office and client bank accounts will be frozen by the SRA and the money in those accounts will vest in the SRA until the intervention has been finalised.

SRA Interviews

SRA interviews can arise during the course of an investigation if the Forensic Investigator asks to interview you.

SRA Investigations

The SRA may send a Forensic Investigator to attend the firm to conduct an investigation, usually giving a written notice in advance. The amount of notice may indicate the level of concern that the SRA has about the practice. This is a vital stage in the process and will colour everything that follows. For advice on how to deal with an investigation and the Investigator, ring us without delay.

SRA Solicitors

We have specialist solicitors experienced in working with other lawyers who are involved in SRA disciplinary proceedings including representation before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Student Fitness to Practise

Our experience working with healthcare professionals extends to students, who may be the subject of a fitness to practise investigation whilst studying. Contact us to discuss your options.

Student Misconduct Inquiries

We advise and represent students facing their university’s disciplinary processes with the goal of allowing you to continue your education and safeguard your future.

Tax Evasion and Avoidance

HMRC’s aggressive anti-avoidance policies mean that investigations require specialist help to resolve. Contact our tax solicitors to see how we can help.

Tax Investigations

From HMRC investigations to allegations of serious tax fraud, our experienced tax solicitors have a long track record of supporting businesses in the most challenging and complex of tax cases. Confidentially discuss your situation with us today.

Teacher Lawyers

We represent teachers in disciplinary proceedings with the TRA, as well as providing support in criminal investigations and employer disciplinary hearings. Whatever your situation, our specialist solicitors are here to advise you.

TRA Investigations

We have experience of providing teachers with independent private legal advice and legal representation in investigations by schools, the police and/or the TRA. Contact us today to speak to one of our expert solicitors.

Trading Standards Investigations

We represent businesses who are being investigated by Trading Standards, including matters serious enough to be contested in the Crown Court.

Traffic Commissioner Driver Conduct Hearings

Our lawyers can make representations on your behalf in the event that you have been called to a Driver Conduct Hearing with a view to avoiding or minimising any suspension.

Trust Disciplinary Investigations

Our expert lawyers are experienced in advising and representing doctors in both GMC and Trust disciplinary investigations.

Trust Solicitors

Contact our solicitors to discuss difficulties that have arisen as a result of assets being held in trust. We specialise in resolving these disputes for our clients.

UK Contentious Probate for Australia & New Zealand

Our solicitors can support in the specialist area of Australia and New Zealand residents resolving contentious probate matters in the UK.

UK Visa Solicitors

Our visa solicitors assists individuals, families and partners in obtaining visas to enter the UK.

Understanding MPTS Sanctions

Richard Nelson LLP's lawyers offer impartial advice to doctors regarding MPTS sanctions and related matters.

Understanding NMC sanctions

Guide to the possible NMC sanctions in a fitness to practise investigation.

Unfair Dismissal Solicitors

Speak to us for help claiming compensation if you have been treated unfairly, or for support in an employment tribunal should the case progress to that stage.

Unmarried Couples Legal Services

Richard Nelson LLP's family lawyers are able to assist unmarried couples with a range of services, including child arrangements, finances and property law.

VAT Inspections & Investigations

Our tax solicitors can work with you in confidence to discuss and resolve matters relating to VAT inspections and investigations.


Richard Nelson LLP's specialist solicitors support vets in disciplinary proceedings with the RCVS, including representation before preliminary and disciplinary committees. We also support with internal and commercial matters.

Voluntary Closure of a Law Firm

Our experienced lawyers can help you in respect of a voluntary closure of your legal practice.

Will Solicitors

Richard Nelson LLP’s solicitors are experts when it comes to wills. We’re here to ensure that your loved ones benefit from your assets in the precise way that you intend. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for your free initial call to discuss making a new will or reviewing your existing document.

Wills & Probate Fees

Further information regarding our Wills & Probate fees.

Wills and Probate

Whether you need help writing a will for the first time, revising an existing document or managing a loved one's estate, you can receive expert advice from Richard Nelson LLP's will and probate solicitors.

Workplace Bullying & Harassment Lawyers

We will help you reach a resolution if you are experiencing harassment and bullying in your workplace. Contact us to see how we can work with you.

Workplace Disciplinary

We will help you present your case to your employer in the event of a workplace disciplinary, providing advice and support throughout the process.

Workplace Discrimination Solicitors

Our solicitors work with you to help you tackle this serious issue, in whatever form it has taken within your particular circumstances, helping you prepare for difficult meetings or supporting you in taking the matter to court.

Workplace Grievance and Complaints

Navigate complex grievance and complaint procedures while at work with the support of our specialist employment solicitors.

Contractor Lawyers

We support contractors in areas including tax law, regulatory investigations and criminal law. Our multidisciplinary team can provide expert advice in a wide range of cases, so get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Education Solicitors

Our multidisciplinary team supports teachers, students and parents in all areas of education. Our services include TRA representation for teachers, admissions and EHCP support, student misconduct representation and more.

Financial Services

We can work with financial services professionals and businesses in a range of areas. Speak to us to arrange representation for cases like accountancy disciplinary, FCA investigations and commercial property law.


Our healthcare solicitors specialise in professional disciplinary representation for healthcare professionals working in all major areas. We can support with fitness to practise investigations, registration issues, restoration and more.

Small Businesses

Our team includes commercial, employment and tax specialists who can work with small businesses on a one-off or long-term basis to provide expert support in different areas. Get in touch to discuss how we can work together.


Richard Nelson LLP has a specialist transport team with experience advising operators in both the passenger and goods sectors. We support with public inquiries, appearances before the Traffic Commissioner, and more general transport law.

You have truly changed my life. I could not recommend Richard Nelson LLP highly enough. I wish you all the luck and success in the future.

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Richard Nelson LLP is a national firm of solicitors providing a range of specialist legal services to professionals, businesses and individuals throughout England and Wales.

We were established by our senior partner Richard Nelson in 2003, himself a leading defence and regulatory lawyer, and have grown to count a number of the country’s leading lawyers, solicitors and consultants among our team of specialists.

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