Care Funding Advice

If you are in need of care funding advice, our specialist solicitors are well positioned to support you. The team offers unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise in relation to care funding, and has successfully assisted many clients with accessing the financial support they are due. Get in touch today to learn how we can help.

Care Funding Advice

Supporting individuals with obtaining care funding

Our care funding advice lawyers appreciate that the process of accessing financial support can be complex and challenging. With extensive experience of the nuances involved, we can help you with the ins and outs of your application, helping to make a successful case on your behalf.

There are two main forms of care funding in the UK, and the team can support with either:

  1. Care Act assessment – this is the general route taken when applying for care funding. Applicants’ care needs are assessed, followed by a financial assessment to determine the level of funding.
  2. NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) – a specific type of funding available to adults who are assessed as having a primary health need. This is not means tested, but applicants must prove that their condition warrants the financial support.

Get in touch if you require advice in relation to either of these funding routes.

How we help you

Whatever the nature of your care funding application, we can support you with obtaining the financial support you are owed. 

If you are preparing for a care needs assessment, the team can advise you on the eligibility criteria, work with you to understand your situation, and build a persuasive case on your behalf. In addition, we have an in-depth understanding of the financial assessment rules and can advise you on the level of funding you should receive.

Our care funding advice solicitors also have specialist knowledge of NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) claims. We can assist with demonstrating your eligibility on a first-time application, helping to ensure that your claim is successful and saving you the significant cost of privately financing care. Moreover, the team has years of experience in appealing ineligibility claims and even making retrospective applications to secure funding for care you have already received. The sooner you involve us in your application for care funding, the greater the likelihood of success. Speak to a lawyer today.

Our offerings

Care funding services

  • Care Act Assessment Solicitors

    Our specialist Care Act solicitors are well placed to advise and support you in relation to care needs assessments and financial assessments for care.

  • NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Solicitors

    Speak to Richard Nelson LLP’s specialist CHC solicitors for advice in relation to NHS Continuing Healthcare claims and appeals against ineligibility decisions.

Our people

Our care funding advice experts are here to help.


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