Pension Rights in a Divorce

Do parties have entitlement to their ex’s pension in divorce? Do pensions have to be split or shared when you divorce in the UK.

Kelly Grigg, a family lawyer at Richard Nelson LLP, outlines the divorce pension rights in the UK, why it is important to review your pension in a divorce and how to protect it.

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Why do I need to review my pension in divorce?

Pensions are often overlooked when parties are trying to resolve financial matters between themselves. However, the pension is the biggest asset in the matrimonial pot, even greater than the value of the family home.

Nowadays, we are all living longer and so we do need to be considering our income needs on retirement.

How to protect pension in divorce

They need to be valued prior to any negotiations taking place. Pensions are complicated. They come in all shapes and sizes. You may have to obtain specialist advice from an Actuary to ascertain the real value of a Pension. Particularly if it is a public sector pension fund, as the valuation figure on paper may not be a true reflection of its worth. An Actuary will help evaluate, manage and advise on financial risk.

Once you know the value of the pension pot, you can then decide what to do with a fair and reasonable outcome to be achieved.

One option is a Pension Sharing Order. This takes a percentage of one parties’ pension and gives it to the other party immediately to either add to their own pension fund or to assist them with starting a fund of their own. Anything earned after the transfer by either party with regards to their own individual pension fund is not then claimable by the other; their pension claims are severed once the transfer has taken part.

Another option is Pension Offsetting, where you offset the value of the Pension against other assets in the pot, for example, the family home.

Rarely used nowadays is a Pension Attachment Order. This means that when the person starts taking their pension, the other party takes a share of the income too. The Court does not like this option as it does not give the parties the clean break financial separation it favours.

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