Executor of Will Jailed in Inheritance Dispute

In a recent case, the executor of a will was jailed after failing to pay out £475,000 of his mother’s inheritance to his niece and nephew, despite three years having passed since the court order was delivered.

The circumstances behind the recently reported case of Mark Totton, jailed for contempt of court in an inheritance dispute, are not unique.

I have regularly had to press executors, administrators and occasionally trustees to disclose the value of an estate or trust assets and have them pay out what is due to those entitled.

Those in Mr Totton’s position very often believe that they are “in charge” and can largely do what they please in relation to money and assets due to others and do so at their own pace. 

The law imposes duties, responsibilities and obligations on executors, administrators and trustees. They often need informing or reminding of the legal requirements. The threat of an application to the court most often focuses their minds. As this case demonstrates, failure to do what is right and necessary can be expensive for those ignoring what is expected of them.

How we can support you

If you find yourself in a similar situation and have not received what is due to you as part of an inheritance dispute, our solicitors can help. 

We have extensive experience in supporting clients under these circumstances – visit our claims against executors page to learn more about the process and the role we can play.

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