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Government aims to simplify environmental rules

17 May 2013

The government is asking UK businesses and the public to send ideas on how environmental rules and regulations can be made more straightforward.

Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, said that it is estimated that businesses could save more than £1 billion over 10 years if environmental guidance were easier to find and follow.

“This is not about reducing the quality of environmental regulations. The same protection levels will stay.”

Paterson said.

“We want to make it easier for businesses to find and follow the law with a single version of straightforward guidance for each topic. Right now businesses are wading through too much complex information. We should also be smart about the information we ask from businesses and how we collect it.”

The government has accepted that taking up too much of businesses’ time can be an unseen barrier to growth. Although regulation has an important role to play in improving the environment nevertheless more user-friendly guidance is needed to ensure the requirements of these regulations can be met easily.

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Written by Richard Nelson LLP

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