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A New Year resolution that’s easy to keep!

05 Jan 2021

Every New Year, people make promises to stop or do certain things and end up breaking them, but a simple resolution to get your legal affairs organised and make a Will is one of the easiest and best New Year Resolutions you can keep for you and your family!

We recommend that you make a Will for three main reasons:

1. Certainty

A Will can provide certainty about what will happen to your Estate when you die to provide for those you care about as you intend. If you are unmarried or have children from a previous relationship (excluded under the Intestacy Rules) you can ensure provision is made for them.

You can also appoint those people YOU trust as Executors to carry out your wishes.

2. Clarity

A Will ensures there is clarity about your wishes that can guide your loved ones at a difficult time following your death. You can express your funeral wishes to help your family make arrangements with confidence. The clarity of a Will can also help to avoid disputes between family members.

3. Control

A Will allows you to set out what YOU want to happen on death, not just what happens to your assets and personal belongings but other important issues, too, including the appointment of the Guardians of your choice for your children, or what you want to happen to your pets. A Will can help with Tax planning and preservation of assets to pass them on to those YOU choose.

Get started now

If your New Year Resolution is to get organised and not to put off until tomorrow what you can do today, why not start 2021 by making a Will that will give you and your family peace of mind? Get in touch with Richard Nelson LLP today to start the process. It’s a promise worth keeping.

Written by Kerry Wigg

Kerry joined Richard Nelson LLP in 2020 as a consultant solicitor specialising in wills and probate. Kerry has had a number of previous roles, including Head of Litigation at a high street firm and Partner and branch manager at a successful start-up practice.

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