Recruitment Update from Richard Nelson LLP

Due to coronavirus and the long-term effects of lockdown on businesses, there are bound to be changes in the way we work. Law firms are no exception to this. Read on for more information on how we are continuing recruitment throughout this period.

During the lockdown period, many who have continued to work are doing so from home. In doing so, they have had to come to terms with the changes that working remotely brings. This new arrangement has been against a backdrop of reevaluating priorities. In some cases, there is a realisation that health, wellbeing and work-life balance is something to be respected.

Changes are not just limited to the use of Zoom or Microsoft Teams for meetings and Court hearings. Nor are they limited to the refreshing changes of not having to use public transport. Over the years, I have come to realise that life and health are a privilege rather than a right. This may fly in the face of the Human Rights Act, but the reality is that life and health are to be treasured.

Many of us will have been forced to taste the benefits as well as the irritations of working at home. However, there will be good things that we will have experienced despite the fact that our wings have been clipped.

There has been the opportunity to control the day, working the hours that suit, avoiding the wasted time of the commute, and spending more time with the family as a result. Children may have been deprived of the company of their friends at school but they have replaced that with quality time with their parents. There will have been restrictions and not least a reduction in income. Whether that is a fear or a reality, for some that will have been a price worth paying in the long term.


The lockdown’s impact on legal firms

Within legal firms such as ours, efforts have been made to maintain camaraderie by keeping in touch with each other despite a lack of physical proximity. Members of the firm have kept each other going. The genuine respect and care that people have had for each other has been very evident. In many ways, the firm will be stronger for the experience that we have gone through.

Within the legal community, there have been a growing number of lawyers who have decided that work-life balance outweighs status and the pursuit of targets. Independence and opportunity will be important going forward.

The Law Society recently revealed that 71% of high street practices fear they will face closure within the next six months. History has shown that the journey out of recession is as dangerous as the period of the recession. The journey out of recession is likely to prove volatile even after such a relatively short period of disruption.

This period of lockdown might have gone fairly quickly for some. However, I fully acknowledge that the circumstances of individuals vary and many will be experiencing greater hardships due to lack of space, facilities, and resources.


The importance of work-life balance in legal firms

Over the last 4 years in the legal community, there have been a growing number of lawyers who have decided that work-life balance outweighs status and the pursuit of targets. This coupled with control of their own working arrangements (including when they work) has encouraged them to work in a different way. Through this, they have regained control of much of their working life.

Now is the time for the others to take stock. Throughout the period of lockdown at our firm, we have continued to recruit. We continue to do so. There will doubtless be large numbers of lawyers who will have reflected on the benefits they have enjoyed over the last few weeks and want to maintain that work-life balance.

Once we are free to go out of our homes, there may be the desire to take more holiday, or to spend more time on other leisure activities, or just to be with the family. For many, it is no longer a question about working all hours to chase the last pound as opposed to earning enough. What constitutes “enough” is a figure each person will decide for themselves.


Our fee share consultancy model

The fee share consultancy model lets you work to the level you want. It enables those who want to work full-time to do so and those who want to work part-time or to work unusual hours to enjoy the necessary flexibility. Fee share consultants reap rewards directly and from their own efforts and success.

Restrictions on our liberty have caused us to remember that life is for living and that we should treasure the benefits we have and work towards those aspects of life we prioritise.

We will continue to look for expert lawyers who have an ethos and ambition to look after their clients and provide a top level service but without working to targets. This arrangement suits experienced lawyers, up to and including those retiring from partnership.

If you are one of those lawyers who values the freedom to choose when and how you work, and would like to work within a positive and enthusiastic firm, feel free to get in touch.

We will be happy to discuss opportunities with you. We see that providing support and flexibility and allowing lawyers to work to their strengths as key to a successful and happy future.

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