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Richard Nelson LLP’s tax solicitors are specialists in all areas of tax law, including resolving COP 8 investigations. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Code of Practice 8 investigations, otherwise known as COP 8, generally arise where HMRC suspects that artificial tax arrangements or avoidance schemes have been used to underpay tax. COP 8 usually involves technical tax arguments and generally does not involve allegations of serious tax fraud, so it should remain a civil tax investigation if handled carefully. However, if during the process it appears that HMRC fraud is involved, then it could be upgraded to COP 9 or even a criminal tax fraud investigation.

Every case is different, but areas of interest for HMRC in COP8 investigations have been Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs), Investment and Share schemes, Pension schemes, Inheritance Tax schemes, and Transfer Pricing.

Our specialists have significant experience and boast an outstanding success rate in assisting people facing a COP 8 tax investigation.

How our solicitors can help with COP 8 investigations

We can provide the advice and assistance you require when you need it. We also maintain working relationships with additional specialists who are sometimes needed, such as forensic accountants and tax barristers, so that we can involve them in your case if necessary.

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If you have received a COP 8 letter from HMRC, you can contact our team to request a no-obligation discussion by:

Solicitor or Accountant?

If you are considering contacting an accountant or a solicitor regarding a COP 8 investigation, you should be aware that information you provide to your solicitor enjoys a special status called legal professional privilege.

Your accountant cannot provide this protection, although they may be able to gain it if they are instructed by a solicitor. If an assessment of the tax due is required, and there is to be a report prepared about your tax affairs, we can instruct an accountant on your behalf.

Who Can Help You?

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Mark Wilson, Partner at Richard Nelson LLP

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What we do...

  • Assessing the tax consequences (including challenges to what HMRC state);

  • Drafting of reponses to HMRC enquiries;

  • Representing you and managing any meetings with HMRC;

  • Tactics and negotiation to minimise penalties;

  • Making a proactive voluntary disclosure to avoid an investigation;

  • Avoiding HMRC 'naming and shaming';

  • Conducting requests for Formal Reviews and Appeals to the Tribunal;

  • Making formal complaints;

  • Dealing with all contact with HMRC for you;

  • Applying Legal Professional Privilege, and Solicitors’ Confidentiality as your safeguards.

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