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Jacqui Callan, criminal law solicitor and in-house advocate at Richard Nelson LLP, worked in conjunction with independent counsel Mr Richard Gibbs to defend a Birmingham dentist facing serious fraud allegations successfully.

Dr Naveed Khalesh was alleged to have obtained over £192,000 from the NHS by making “inflated” treatment claims between January 2012 and September 2014. The allegations claimed that Dr Khaled claimed that patients were being given more complex, expensive treatment when they were actually being given fillings.

Dr Khaled denied the allegations throughout the case. When interviewed, he maintained that he had not mislead anyone intentionally and believed that he could claim an inlay procedure at the surgery as band three.

After a week-long Crown Court trial involving legal arguments, submissions and expert evidence the jury found Dr Khaled not guilty.

In response to the verdict, Dr Khaled said that Richard Nelson LLP “had been amazing” and that he had “got [his] life back.”

Richard Nelson LLP’s solicitors regularly defend medical professionals. Our team has extensive experience in advising and representing dentists, doctors, nurses and others in criminal cases, professional disciplinary investigations and employment disputes.

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