Are you looking for a change of pace in 2019?

The Christmas holidays are a time for reflection and are recognised as the time when families review their lifestyle. Much is made of the fact that this becomes peak season for divorce and that there were 13 petitions actually issued online on Christmas Day itself! The reality is that it is also a time when families decide that they like each other’s company and would like to see more of each other but the demands of work get in the way.

There is no doubting that running a practice can be a stressful experience, causing partners to drive their staff to achieve high targets regardless of the impact on their home life. Perhaps now is the time to consider having the best of both worlds and to seize the opportunity to look after loyal clients and build up a client base, whilst at the same time retaining control of the volume of cases undertaken and to work without targets. If this if this appeals to you, read on. We are what is known as a platform firm, offering experienced solicitors and other lawyers just this opportunity.

Working with us as a remote legal consultant enables you to be free to look after your clients, without the pressure to hit targets and with the administrative burden removed and with support, accounting and insurance provided. As a consultant with us, you will be free from management meetings and can focus on the aspects you came into the profession to enjoy, looking after clients and doing a good job for them as an expert. You can work as much or as little as you like and there is a direct relationship between your fees and your income.

If you want to get off the treadmill, if you want to take back control, if you like the thought of choosing when and where you work get in touch today.

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