Electricians’ Tax Safe Plan

In the second of its campaigns targeted at the trades sector, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced that it is to write to thousands of electricians during the coming weeks as part of a new disclosure campaign.

The campaign entitled the ‘Electricians Tax Safe Plan’ (ETSP) is similar to the plan aimed at Plumbers (and which closed in August 2011).

Under the Plumbers Tax Safe Plan (PTSP) over 600 people notified HMRC of an intention to declare unpaid tax with 429 disclosures and £2.5m revenue having been received so far. HMRC have been offered a further £1.5m but have not yet agreed these amounts. In addition, information gathered during the PTSP campaign led to nearly a thousand civil investigation cases being opened and a number of individuals identified where criminal investigation is the most appropriate course of action. To date, ten plumbers with no record of having paid tax on their earnings have been arrested, in Yorkshire, Kent, Cambridgeshire, Tyne & Wear, Midlands and South Wales.

The terms of the ETSP are similar and gives an opportunity to electricians to come forward and declare unpaid tax. Under the terms:

  • they may only need to pay tax for a maximum of six tax years;
  • the penalty can be self assessed by the client; and
  • outstanding tax liabilities can be paid by instalments.

Those wishing to participate in the campaign must notify HMRC of their intention by 15 May 2012 and make the disclosure and pay what is owed by 14 August 2012 (unless an agreement has been reached to pay by instalments).

For the purposes of this campaign an electrician is defined as anyone who installs, maintains and tests electrical systems, equipment and appliances under stringent safety regulations.

Richard Nelson LLP can assist everyone with disclosures to HMRC of unpaid tax liabilities. If you are affected, or think you might be affected, by this campaign or you would like assistance in participating in this campaign, then contact us on 0115 986 3636 or email us at


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