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Many people use a Trust in order to protect or control the distribution of their assets during their lifetime/death or seek to reduce the effect of tax on their estate when they die.

It is not uncommon for people to endeavour to create a Trust of their assets or share in a property before they die under at Trust Deed, or create a trust of all or some of their assets under their Will.

Many hold properties on Trust in shares and when a property is transferred or sold those shares should be distributed in accordance with the terms of the Trust Agreement.

However, things can and do go wrong and the following examples are some of the difficulties;

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If you require assistance in relation to any issues relating to the property or the assets of a Trust, our Trust solicitors can help.

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Tony Pearce, consultant solicitor at Richard Nelson LLP

Tony Pearce

Consultant Solicitor

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What We Do...

Tony Pearce is our resident trust solicitor with over 15 years’ experience assisting Clients to resolve Trust and Probate Disputes.

Tony is a member of The Association of Trust and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS) and he is a Founding Editor of the Contentious Probate Section of The National Will Register.

He also contributes articles to a leading private client training organisation on issues surrounding disputes over estate administration, Trust disputes and dispute resolution matters.

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