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Public Inquiries and Inquests


When an independent public inquiry is set up to investigate an area of widespread public concern, it is crucial that all interested parties have access to strong and practical legal advice as soon as possible. The depth and level of an investigation triggered by an inquiry can be daunting. However, we possess the professional aptitude and competence to deal with the most complicated and contentious of issues as well as more concentrated and specific matters.

The nature of our work means that we are acutely aware of the demands and pressures placed upon modern organisations, whether commercial or private. That’s why we work hard to provide you with high quality, crystal clear legal advice alongside a comprehensive, committed service that can be tailored to suit all budgets.


We’ll make sense of the inquest process for you by providing practical advice and strong representation so that your position is represented fairly. We understand the importance of the proceedings in determining how fatal events should be properly viewed and our experienced legal team are capable of fully participating in an inquest.

Where a Coroner conducts a full inquiry, we will ensure you are completely involved from the beginning of proceedings to the conclusion at a final hearing. Should a particular case require the involvement of Counsel, we have an excellent network of skilled and respected barristers who will conduct your case upon our instruction.

We offer a full service to both companies and individuals who may be affected by a Coroner’s verdict and we are equipped to either defend or challenge a verdict by way of judicial review. In addition we can offer comprehensive advice with regard to your rights under the Human Rights Act 1998 as well as pursuing applications to the Divisional Court.

Student Suicide Inquests

We specialise in working on behalf of families of bereaved in student suicide cases in Higher Education across the UK. Jaswinder Gill, one of our Consultant Solicitors at the firm, has over 25 years of experience within this niche area of Education Law and a member of the Inquests Lawyers Group.

With the increasing pressures faced by students, the number of student suicide inquests is a deeply worrying upward trend. Unfortunately, universities typically seek to protect their reputational damage in such cases and have greater resources to instruct lawyers.

This leaves many families concerned that simple preventative measures could have been taken to avoid loss of life of their loved ones. Many families continue to feel that not enough is being done even now, making the lives of students at universities remain at risk.

We work closely with the Coroner to show that case evidence reveals the real concerns about student suicides at universities in the UK. In our work, we demonstrate to the Coroner that proper action is needed to prevent further deaths.

Richard Nelson LLP are firm believers and campaigners for better rights for families of the bereaved, including the niche field of student suicides in higher education. We recommend seeking legal advice as soon as possible in a public inquiry or inquest case.

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What we do...

Our dedicated team are able to provide focused advice on all matters relating to public, statutory and non-statutory inquiries and inquests including:

• The requirements to produce documents
• The powers to obtain witness evidence
• The restrictions placed upon public access to information
• The enforcement of powers to publish and issue reports
• The implementation and use of the Inquiries Act 2005
• Work on behalf of bereaved families in student suicide cases in UK Higher Education

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