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Driver Conduct Hearings

Vocational licence holders are required to notify the Traffic Commissioner of any relevant convictions. A Traffic Commissioner can call a driver to a Driver Conduct Hearing to consider regulatory action against the driver’s vocational licence, which can include suspension or revocation of the vocational entitlement. The Traffic Commissioner is also able to call an applicant for a vocational licence to a Driver Conduct Hearing to consider whether the applicant is suitable to be granted a vocational licence.

If you have been called to a Driver Conduct Hearing, our expert transport lawyers can help make representations on your behalf with a view to avoiding or minimising any suspension which may be imposed or in providing you with the best opportunity to be granted a vocational licence.

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What we do...

Our experienced lawyers can provide advice in respect of a Traffic Commissioner Driver Conduct Hearing. Our services include:

  • Preparing you ahead of a Driver Conduct Hearing;

  • Representing you at a Driver Conduct Hearing.

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