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Public Inquiries

In the event that you’re called to appear in a public inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner, it’s essential that you contact one of our transport solicitors for expert legal advice as soon as possible.
Public inquiries before the Traffic Commissioner are called for a variety of reasons including:

Traffic Commissioners have the power to restrict your licence, add stipulations to it, or to suspend or remove your Operators Licence, as well as disqualifying individuals from being able to apply for an Operator’s Licence.

Traffic Commissioners are also able to declare that individuals don’t meet the requirements to be a Transport Manager. This will obviously have a dramatic impact upon both the ability of the Transport Manager’s livelihood but could also impact upon the Operators ability to continue to meet the terms of their licence.

As a result, attending a hearing before a Transport Commissioner can be a daunting experience, however, we can assist you to prepare for the hearing as well as providing expert legal representation for you.

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What we do...

Our experienced lawyers can help you in respect of a public inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner. Our services include:

  • Advising you of remedial action to take before a Public Inquiry;

  • Assisting you prepare documents to be used in your defence or mitigation;

  • Representing you before the Traffic Commissioner

  • Arranging for experts reports to be prepared on your behalf;

  • Preparing you to be able to give your evidence to the Traffic Commissioner (including the preparation of detailed statements).

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