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Court Martial Representation

If you are charged with a service offence and summonsed to one of the permanent Military Courts Centres, our military solicitors can provide representation.

Prior to the Initial Hearing we will obtain the prosecution evidence and take your detailed instructions. We will then advise you as to the relevant law, Court Martial powers and procedure, the strength of the evidence against you and any likely outcomes.

If you choose to plead guilty, or are later found guilty, we will ensure you understand the implications of a service conviction.

Should you plead not guilty we can assist you by preparing for trial, briefing specialist Barristers, take statements from potential defence witnesses and represent you at the Court Martial trial where prosecution witnesses will be cross examined on your behalf.

Depending on the nature of the allegation against you and your rank a Board of between three and seven Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers will fill the role a jury would in a civilian case. Our network of specialist lawyers have experience presenting cases before a Board of Officers where advocacy and submissions must be nuanced in a military context.

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