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Representation in Criminal Investigations

Like civilians, members of the Armed Forces are entitled to be represented at a police interview, held under caution, by a Solicitor. This is an absolute right and should always be exercised. Richard Nelson LLP’s military solicitors are able to represent servicepeople and former servicepeople in criminal investigations.

As soon as you are aware that you are the subject of a service police investigation you should not hesitate to contact a member of our team so that we can intervene early, obtain disclosure as to the allegation and evidence against you before offering advice.

Most large camps and bases have a Military Police presence, however, you may be asked to attend a station away from your duty location so that the interview can be recorded in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. As a nationwide practice, Richard Nelson LLP can quickly deploy a member of our team to represent you.

Following your interview, we will proactively engage with the police to establish what action, if any, they intend to take against you. While the investigation continues we will remain by your side until an outcome is reached and will provide you with frequent updates.

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