The General Chiropractic Council has produced a logo for registered chiropractors to use to assure their patients that they are registered.

Practitioners can use it on any promotional material, stationery, websites and signage over which they have control.

There are two versions of the logo, one in black and one in a shade used on the GCC web site and referred to as Pantone 308. Practitioners can choose which one they like as long as it appears clear and unchanged on any of the material, website or signage that they use.

The logos are designed to be simple and clearly show to patients and the public that the practitioner is registered with the GCC.

Although practitioners do not need to use the logos, thay are being requested not to use the GCC’s corporate logo which appears on their web site so as to prevent patients and the public from mistakenly believing that the GCC is endorsing the practice rather than simply showing that the practice is registered.

The two logos are:
GCC Registered_pantone308

GCC Registered_black