Higher Fixed Penalties

As from today (16 August) motorists and road users will face an increase in fixed penalty levels.

The changes, which are being introduced following a public consultation in 2012 will not only affect motoring offences but will also increase graduated fixed penalties and financial deposits for vans, trucks and buses.

Offences against roadworthiness, loading and drivers’ hours rules will result in higher penalties at the roadside.

  • a £30 fine will rise to £50;
  • a £60 fine will rise to £100;
  • a £120 fine will rise to £200; and
  • a £200 fine will rise to £300.

VOSA Chief Executive Alastair Peoples said:

“These new penalty levels are intended to ensure penalties reflect the seriousness of the offence and are consistent with those in other areas of offending.

“I know the majority of operators and drivers work within the law, but those that don’t need to know there are increased financial consequences and they should reconsider if it’s worth the risk.”

Increases will also be made to the maximum deposit that we can take at the roadside from offending overseas vehicles. Penalty points will not change.

For more information and to reflect the new fees please see the ‘Guide to Graduated Fixed Penalties and Financial Deposits’ which can be found on the web site.


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