Ben Shellard

Legal Assistant


Ben Shellard joined Richard Nelson LLP in April 2021. He graduated from Nottingham Law School in September 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and is currently studying on the Masters of Laws and Legal Practice Course.

Ben supports our solicitors over a range of practice areas, working alongside both our criminal defence team and several of our consultant solicitors.

Ben is committed to assisting our solicitors in providing a continued high level of client care across all of our practice areas, with responsibilities ranging from initial client contact to ensuring our clients’ cases are being effectively progressed by the police during the investigation stage.

Services & Specialisms

Expert advice & representation in these areas

  • Fitness to Plead

    Our criminal defence solicitors have an excellent reputation for defending individuals who find themselves in fitness to plead hearings, which includes representation at the earliest possible occasion.

  • Fraud Defence

    We are one of the leading firms in England and Wales for fraud defence, specialising in serious fraud, but with a strong track record in smaller matters, too.

  • Military Solicitors

    Our criminal defence solicitors can represent members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces at all stages of the Service Justice System, with specialist knowledge of military investigations.

  • Money Laundering

    Our regulatory solicitors have been advising businesses and individuals in money laundering issues for years, and also provide training to accountants and other lawyers on money laundering defence and compliance.

  • Sexual Offences

    Richard Nelson LLP’s team has experience in a range of cases, including historic sexual offences, rape allegation and possession of indecent images.

  • Restraint Orders

    Our experienced defence lawyers advise on the legality of restraint orders and challenge them where appropriate.

  • Road Traffic Solicitors

    Richard Nelson LLP’s specialist team is here to minimise the impact that road traffic offences can have on our clients’ private and professional lives.

  • Possession of Indecent Images of Children

    Our indecent images solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of sexual offences.

  • False Rape Allegations

    Our rape defence lawyers will listen to you without judgement and will support you through this process from start to finish. We passionately believe that everyone has the right to a fair trial and we will fight to ensure that a Court hears what our clients have to say.

  • Historic Sexual Offences

    It is not just famous people who have to face allegations of historic sexual offences, anyone can be falsely accused of historic sexual offences. If this applies to you then Richard Nelson LLP’s historic sexual offence solicitors can assist you with expert advice and experienced representation; contact us today.

  • Criminal Defence for Military Servicepersons

    Our specialist solicitors can represent you in interviews conducted by the service police and remain by your side until an outcome can be reached.

  • Court Martial Solicitors

    We provide representation for servicepeople who have been charged with a service offence and summoned to one of the permanent Military Courts Centres.

  • Teacher Lawyers

    We represent teachers in disciplinary proceedings with the TRA, as well as providing support in criminal investigations and employer disciplinary hearings. Whatever your situation, our specialist solicitors are here to advise you.

  • Vets

    Richard Nelson LLP's specialist solicitors support vets in disciplinary proceedings with the RCVS, including representation before preliminary and disciplinary committees. We also support with internal and commercial matters.

  • Defence Lawyers for Accountants

    We represent accountants before their regulators, defend claims of professional negligence and malpractice against accountants and conduct litigation. We also offer regulatory and criminal defence for accountants and their clients, including defending Companies House prosecutions.

  • GMC Lawyers

    Our solicitors represent doctors in proceedings with the GMC and MPTS, helping you with written documentation and advising you at every stage of the process in a range of different matters.

  • NMC Lawyers

    If you are a nurse or midwife registered with the NMC, or applying for registration or restoration, we can support you in a variety of fitness to practise issues.

  • Dental Solicitors

    We provide specialist services for dental practitioners who are registered with the GDC or applying for registration. Contact us to discuss fitness to practise proceedings or any other challenges.

  • Pharmacist Lawyers

    Richard Nelson LLP’s Pharmacy Solicitors have significant experience in providing advice and legal representation to pharmaceutical professionals, on all regulatory, disciplinary and professional misconduct matters.

  • GOsC Lawyers

    Our GOsC lawyers provide expert representation in fitness to practise matters, as well as a range of other regulatory issues including interim orders, commercial disputes and internal investigations.

  • Opticians

    Our solicitors work with opticians and other professionals registered with the GOC to provide advice and representation in fitness to practise cases and other matters of registration and discipline.

  • HCPC Lawyers

    Richard Nelson LLP works with health and social care practitioners who are regulated by the HCPC, supporting you in disciplinary investigations, hearings and other registration challenges.

  • EHCP Solicitors

    A correct EHCP is crucial in enabling children with special educational needs to receive the support they need in school. Our solicitors will help you get the right plan for your child.

  • EHCP Appeals

    Our expert solicitors can help throughout the EHCP appeals process. We can discuss the merits of an appeal, help you to gather the documentation that you need and represent you in a hearing.

Clients will generally contact a law firm in a time of need, being able to provide them with reassurance and assistance in getting the best possible result right from the initial phone call is a great privilege.

Ben Shellard

We had a fabulous result with this client. This in my view was because we had a strong team, with a good rapport with him, allowing him to open up to us. This is in no small part down to Ben and his easy manner when dealing with the client,... who needed reassuring on a number of occasions. Ben was able to calm him down when he became overly anxious. I know that he was grateful for his presence and support. Having Ben clerking for me for both trials was such an advantage, he liaised with our witnesses, updating them with the progress of the trial. This took a tremendous amount of pressure from me, allowing me to concentrate on the client and the trial. Ben kept me updated with his contact with our witnesses. Ben kept detailed notes for me during the evidence, again allowing me to concentrate on the job in hand. His notes were detailed and easy to follow and proved invaluable when I finalised my closing speech. In my view, Ben is a tremendous asset to your criminal team and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

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