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Removal of Police Cautions

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What is a Police Caution?

If you commit a minor crime, the police can issue you with a caution.  These can be issued to anyone from the age of 10 years old.  Once a police caution has been issued, your records are held by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for 6 years (this is reduced to 2 years if you were 18 during the time of the caution was issued). Although a caution is not the same as a criminal conviction, it can still have implications to your life.

Implications of Employment & Travelling Abroad with a Police Caution

If you have received a police caution, youth warning or reprimand, you may have agreed to this without having fully appreciated the ramifications it would have for you in later life. Having a caution on your record may negatively impact on your advancement of your chosen career, particularly if you intend to work with children or vulnerable adults, or if you wish to enter into a regulated profession. A caution on your record may even impact on your travel plans. At the time you accepted the caution, you may have been misled by the Police about the implications of it.

It is possible that in certain circumstances, Police cautions can be removed from your record. Our specialist solicitors have experience of assisting clients to get cautions removed from their records held by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

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Our experienced solicitors have a proven track record of assisting clients to get police cautions removed from their records so that offences committed years ago do not continue to affect their daily lives.

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