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Our qualified lawyers are experienced in representing HCPC registrants in HCPC investigations. We have an excellent track record of securing great results in the HCPC, even in difficult cases. We understand how important your career is to you and we will fight hard to protect your registration and preserve your reputation.


What is the process for HCPC Investigations?

HCPC investigations involve allegations that suggest that a registrant’s fitness to practise may be impaired. These allegations begin when someone raises a ‘concern’ about a HCPC registrant. If a concern is deemed an issue that the council should look into, the will begin the process by formalising an allegation. This may be for a number of reasons, such as:

- Misconduct;
- Lack of Competence;
- A criminal conviction or caution;
- Health;
- A determination by another regulatory body; or
- Being included on a barred list preventing a registrant from working with vulnerable adults or children.

The first stage in HCPC investigations involves the HCPC writing to the registrant, providing them with details of the allegation and providing an opportunity for the registrant to comment within 28 days. In our experience, emotionally charged, poorly drafted submissions can make matters significantly worse. However carefully drafted submissions at this stage may persuade the Investigating Committee that the ‘realistic prospect’ test is not met, bringing the HCPC investigation to an end. It is therefore essential to get expert legal advice before responding to the HCPC.

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What does the HCPC Investigating Committee do?

Once a registrant has had an opportunity to comment on an allegation, the case is passed to an Investigating Committee to decide if there is a realistic prospect that there is a case for the registrant to answer. The Investigating Committee may decide that:

- More information is needed;
- There is a case to answer, which means that the allegation will proceed to the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee;
- There is no case to answer, which is then the end of the matter.

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HCPC Investigations involving criminal proceedings

Unfortunately, HCPC registrants occasionally find themselves the subject of a criminal investigation or criminal proceedings. We understand how difficult this can be and work hard to protect you, both with the HCPC and with any criminal investigation or proceedings. We work to ensure you have the best possible prospect of maintaining your reputation.

Richard Nelson LLP draws from a team of expert solicitors. We have experience with HCPC matters and also in defending a wide range of criminal allegations. It is essential to obtain legal advice from specialist lawyers with expertise in both criminal matters and also in HCPC proceedings, rather than a general criminal solicitor. We understand the impact a criminal investigation can have on your HCPC registration and will fight to protect your career.

We can represent HCPC registrants in the police station, the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court, mindful of the significance of the proceedings to you both personally and professionally. We can also put you in touch with a specialist solicitor for advice on getting a caution removed from your record if appropriate.

We have a particular expertise in representing HCPC registrants in the HCPC regarding misconduct allegations due to criminal convictions or cautions. With our background, we can easily understand the criminal file and ascertain the relevant issues, ensuring that we robustly defend you before the HCPC.

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– HCPC Investigations
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