The small business lawyers at Richard Nelson LLP can defend both directors and small businesses faced with a number of different investigations and prosecutions. Our services cover individual representation in director disqualification and tax investigations as well as company-wide cases such as trading standards investigations.

Our small business solicitors also represent directors and business in Companies House prosecutions. These cases can occur for a variety of reasons, mostly involving discrepancies in the documents that Companies House requires directors to file yearly, or in situations where those files haven’t been submitted on time. The prosecutions are criminal cases, which means you’ll need advice from legal experts as soon as possible if you find yourself under investigation.

The consequences of an investigation for a small business or a director can be serious, which is why our solicitors are committed to an excellent standard of service and discretion in all matters. We are able to act quickly in urgent cases, so get in touch with us even if you need legal support at short notice.

Your first telephone consultation with us is completely free and carries no obligations. In this call we’ll discuss the particulars of your case and how we can help you. If, after the call, you decide to continue working with us, we’ll learn your case thoroughly and provide you with the best advice and representation possible for its duration.

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