Hardeep Dhillon

Consultant solicitor

Serving West London & surrounding areas

Hardeep qualified as a solicitor in 2008 and since qualification has been practising family law. She has extensive experience in various related areas:

  • Divorce, including defended and undefended
  • Judicial Separation
  • Separation agreements
  • Domestic Violence
  • Financial matters
  • Children’s matters to include parental plans and enforcement proceedings
  • Declarations of Parentage
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Variations of financial agreements
  • Hair samples for purposes of alcohol and drug testing

In her career of over 10 years, Hardeep has dealt with all types of family matters. However, she has gained particular experience in dealing with the sensitivities associated with the breakdown of Asian marriages in which matters such as dowry and gold are highly regarded. Hardeep has worked closely with Families need Fathers and various domestic violence organisations, including Southall Black Sisters, and therefore has a very balanced approach and is neither pro-dad or pro-mum. Her approach is to focus upon the facts and needs of the family and to ensure that at all times the best interests of the child are safeguarded.

From experience, Hardeep knows that clients initially will be feeling the reasons behind the breakdown of the marriage very strongly. Whilst respecting this and taking the time to understand the client’s needs, Hardeep will seek to focus the client upon the issues to be resolved so that costs do not escalate and the client’s attention is upon the end goals, as opposed to becoming embroiled in tit-for-tat. Hardeep seeks to guide her clients through what will no doubt be one of the most difficult things that they go through in the hope of obtaining a resolution which will give them peace of mind and a good foundation to start afresh.

Working for Richard Nelson LLP as a consultant Solicitor, Hardeep is based in West London and has easy access to M4 and M40 corridors and is located within easy reach of underground and over ground stations. Therefore Hardeep can accommodate clients in areas of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Central London and Middlesex.