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Several of Richard Nelson LLP’s family law team have experience working with victims of domestic violence. We are on hand to provide confidential legal advice and to help you obtain the right orders to ensure your safety.


What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is “any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. This can encompass but is not limited to the following: psychological, physical, sexual, financial, emotional abuse as well as controlling and coercive behaviour.”

According to the Office for National Statistics (Crime Survey for England and Wales), it was estimated that 2.4 million adults aged 16 to 74 years experienced domestic violence in the year ending March 2019, (1.6 million women and 786,000 men).
The police reported 746,219 incidents related to domestic abuse in the year ending March 2019, an increase of 24% from the previous year.

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Legal Protection for victims of domestic violence

Victims of domestic abuse can apply to the court for a Non-Molestation order/Occupation order, for protection against their abuser. A Non-Molestation Order is an order which is granted to individuals in circumstances where they fear for their safety. It prohibits the abuser from being violent towards them as well as prohibiting the abuser from pestering, intimidating or harassing them.

An Occupation order, if granted, is an order which can direct who can and cannot live in the family home. In certain circumstances and especially with the current impact of COVID-19, the court can regulate the occupation of the parties to exclude an abuser from part of the home.

Before the Court can grant an order, it must first be convinced that the individual meets the criteria and therefore needs the protection of the Court.

In the event an order is granted, a breach of a Non-Molestation Order is a criminal offence and if an abuser is convicted of this offence, then they can be given a fine or imprisoned.

An order can be applied for, if necessary, on an emergency basis. If an application is made then the requirement is to attend to court. However, with the current pandemic, the President of the Family Division has issued guidance on this point, where for the time being court hearings will take place remotely, to ensure access to justice is still taking place.

Here at Richard Nelson LLP, we also have domestic violence solicitors who can provide further confidential advice and help you obtain the appropriate orders for your safety.

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Additional Support Services

Various support services remain open and victims can get support from a number of charities and agencies. Details of the support available can be accessed on and include the following:
– Refuge – telephone: 08082000247
– Mens Advice Line – telephone 08088010327
– Galop, an LGBT+ domestic abuse service – telephone 0800 9995428 / email:
– Respect, a helpline for men and women who are harming their partners – telephone 0808 8024040
– Karma Nirvana, a helpline for victims of honour-based abuse – telephone 0800 5999247 / email:
– Bright Sky, a free mobile app by Hestia which provides support and information to anyone who may be in an abusive relationship
– Chayn, provides online help and resources in a number of languages about identifying manipulative situations.

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Richard Nelson LLP’s family solicitors can provide confidential legal advice to those suffering from domestic abuse. Specifically, we can help you to obtain the legal orders required for victims to stay protected, advising you on the Court processes that are involved.

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