Judith Rhile, employment solicitor at Richard Nelson LLP.

Judith Rhule

Consultant Solicitor

Judith is a senior employment law specialist, she qualified as a solicitor in 1999. Judith has practised exclusively in the area of employment law since 2002.

She has spent much of her career as an in-house solicitor, providing practical and commercial advice and representation to organisations in the care, charity and housing sectors. She also has a wealth of experience in advising and representing individuals (including senior executives), businesses and trade unions, through her work in private practice.

Judith’s focus is on client care and has a track record of achieving the best results for her clients, whether in employment litigation, pre-litigation negotiations or settlement agreements. She can offer individuals and businesses advice and representation on all aspects of employment law, including:

  • disciplinary and grievance matters;
  • safer recruitment;
  • whistle blowing;
  • working time;
  • wages claims;
  • TUPE, including information and consultation;
  • restructuring and redundancy;
  • contracts and policies;
  • restrictive covenants;
  • discrimination claims;
  • trade union recognition and the rights of trade union members.

Judith can also assist clients by drafting letters for each stage of the disciplinary and grievance process, preparing questions for investigation interviews, preparing bespoke contracts and policies, undertaking the due diligence exercise in TUPE transactions, drafting without prejudice conversation scripts, negotiating and drafting settlement agreements.

What Others Say

I feel I received an extraordinary service from Judith for what was a complex employment law case. I got the outcome I wanted: Judith successfully negotiated a settlement agreement for me, and avoided me Court proceedings.

Not only was Judith extremely reactive and quick to answer my queries, but I was able to let her guide me through the process and devise a very efficient strategy on my behalf, ultimately leading us to the outcome I wanted.

In particular, at some stages timing was of the essence for this case and I had to make some hard choices and decisions. Judith guided me through that very clearly and without putting any pressure on me. I was very appreciative of this. I was also particularly appreciative of being kept informed of all developments in real-time, and was afforded a high level of courtesy, too. I was regularly informed of the status of my legal costs, with full transparency, and I am grateful for that.

It was a pleasure to work with Judith. I am convinced that her hard work (I found Judith's work ethic quite impressive), and her ability to engage very professionally and positively with difficult stakeholders such as my previous employer, were the main reasons why we got there.

A client