Neena Jhawer

Consultant Solicitor

Neena has 10 years’ experience working in tax and VAT investigations and prosecutions. She now specialises in both criminal and civil tax and VAT matters.

Neena worked at the Central Fraud Division of the CPS where she prosecuted and assisted in investigating complex and length frauds into VAT and tax offences. She can assist in all matters of tax and VAT investigations and prosecutions brought by HMRC and the National Crime Agency. As well as assisting in Judicial Reviews that arise out of such matters, Neena has experience in working on international matters concerning investigations into tax and VAT offences and she has worked on a landmark case regarding search warrants during a lengthy tax investigation. She has assisted HMRC in a unique investigation of a multimillion pound tax relief scheme. She is well versed at navigating through tax and VAT investigations due to her extensive experience within central government at Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office and then at the Central Fraud division.

Neena has also prosecuted on behalf of HMRC in a £150 million money laundering prosecution, along with other serious white-collar crimes. She can also deal with matters regarding confiscation. She also worked at Royal Mail as the Director of Criminal Law whereby she headed the security team and managed all internal and external frauds committed by staff and customers. She also privately prosecuted for the Royal Mail Group.

In addition, Neena can assist with food law prosecutions and civil actions brought by the Food Standards Agency, as she prosecuted for the Food Standards Agency at the magistrate’s court and represented the agency in high profile matters at the High Court. She also advised the expert panel on the licencing and the removal of licences of Food Business Operators and is able to assist all Food Business Operators when litigating against the Food Standards Agency.