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Richard Etherington

Associate and Higher Courts Advocate

Richard Etherington is a Solicitor based in our Nottingham Law Firm. Prior to joining Richard Nelson LLP in November 2017, he worked for five years in one of the largest Criminal Defence departments in the region in a variety of roles such as a Police Station Representative, Crown Court caseworker and Magistrates’ Court advocate. Richard was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in February 2017.

Richard is a familiar face at the local Courts and Police Stations where he uses his in-depth knowledge of current Police and CPS procedure to his clients’ advantage.

Richard has experience representing clients across a broad range of criminal offences from road traffic matters to serious violence and sexual offences as well as military Courts Martial proceedings and Special Investigation Branch cases. Richard assists Jacqui Callan in dealing with the most complex and serious sexual offence cases.

Richard’s tenacity, straight talking and level-headed advocacy style are earning him a loyal client following. At Richard Nelson LLP, we have a network of experienced Barristers and Higher Courts Advocates so we always ensure that cases are dealt with by an appropriately qualified Lawyer.

Richard’s work in criminal law was recognised in the Legal 500 2021, where his work was said to ‘typify the excellence of the firm.’ His recent work in acting for members of the Armed Forces was also recognised.



What Others Say

Jacqui Callan (partner) and Richard Etherington (associate) typify the excellence offered by the firm, going above and beyond a client’s expectations.

Legal 500 2021

'A first class service to lay and professional clients alike.’

‘The firm deals with complex technical cases professionally and with a personal touch. The criminal law solicitors work outside normal hours to meet needs of professional clients and have the ability to offer joint working with their regulatory team.’

Legal 500 2021

Richard Etherington is noted for his work in military court martial proceedings and Special Investigation Branch cases, as well as his 'immaculate trial preparation'.

Legal 500, 2021