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Submitting your own DBS representations

If you have received a Minded to Bar or Intention to Bar letter from the DBS you are probably at a total loss about how to respond to their demand for representations within just 8 weeks. They say nothing about the criteria by which you will be judged or the best approach to use.

Most people when submitting their own response, are probably doing so after either a brush with the police or an employment disciplinary, both of which are entirely different in how the DBS judge culpability. Without knowing the pitfalls, it is only logical that someone would try to fight going on the barring lists in exactly the same way, which is why 95% of people fail.

Doing your own representations is like operating on yourself without any training. You may address the issue, but the risk of a bad outcome is very high.

The tests applied by the DBS when assessing you for the barred lists are varied. Ultimately, the DBS are forming an opinion of you in the round. As the success rates show, trying to fight your corner and expressing the right view of yourself is almost impossible. Every word you write is being assessed as what it says about you. This is why expert help with drafting your response has a success rate of over 70%. Responding as your legal representative we present everything exactly as we know will meet the DBS judgement criteria and therefore offer you the best chance possible of not being placed on one of the lists.

It is simply not worth trying to cut corners at this crucial stage of the DBS process. There are no easy second chances to get off the barred lists once you have failed at the first hurdle. Call us or get in touch online as soon as possible when you get the DBS letter and we will ensure your case is properly presented. 


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