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Defence Lawyers for Opticians

Members of the public, employers, other opticians, the police and other statutory agencies can make complaints about opticians to the General Optical Council (GOC). The GOC are obliged to investigate these complaints to determine if the optician’s fitness to practise is impaired. In some instances such investigations can also take into account an optician’s private life.

In the event that you’re subject to a GOC investigation our defence lawyers can provide expert representation, particularly if you’re not a member of a defence union or if your union has refused to offer you representation. We understand the impact an investigation can have on your life and career, so to help you through the process we offer sensible legal guidance. When the allegations are denied we’ll prepare robust defences and, where it’s appropriate, present strong mitigation in order to secure the best possible outcome for you.

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Our defence lawyers provide expert legal representation for opticians in relation to GOC fitness to practise investigations as well as a variety of other regulatory issues such as:

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