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Under certain circumstances, we can ask the DBS to reconsider its decision to place you on any of the Barred Lists. Depending on your circumstances, this could either take the form of an initial DBS appeal or a retrospective request for a review of the decision to bar you. Our specialist DBS appeal solicitors have extensive experience of both processes and can guide you through them.


If you have recently been included on a Barred List and would like to submit a DBS appeal to be removed from the list, it is vital that you get in touch with us at the earliest possible opportunity – your appeal must be submitted no later than three months from the date on the final decision letter from the DBS. The process and legal support we can provide are detailed in the section on ‘Submitting a DBS appeal’ below.

Even if an appeal is no longer possible, in certain circumstances we may still have the option of requesting a Review of your inclusion on a Barred List depending on your circumstances. See the section on ‘Reviews of inclusion on a Barred List’ below for more information.

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Submitting a DBS appeal

In the first instance, we would always recommend responding to a Minded to Bar letter in a timely manner (you have eight weeks from the date on the letter to respond before the DBS bars you automatically).

After this point, we can submit a DBS appeal to the Upper Tribunal against a decision to bar up to three months after the date stated on the decision letter. It is therefore important to act quickly.

Appeals are only allowed under specific criteria and require the submission of detailed grounds of appeal that set out how those criteria have been met. There are several stages to go through in an appeal, including obtaining permission to appeal prior to the full appeal hearing.

We are experts at DBS appeals and provide full Initial Appeal Advice, before embarking on drafting and submitting your grounds of appeal to obtain permission. We will then prepare everything for your appeal hearing.  

The key with all appeals is submitting grounds before the 3 months deadline expires, therefore obtaining the Initial Appeal Advice as soon as possible is vital. Speak to our team today.

You can also see our guide on DBS Minded to Bar proceedings for further information about the process involved.

Reviews of inclusion on a Barred List

Under certain limited circumstances, we can ask the DBS to review their original decision to place you on any of the Barred Lists. There are two possible ways we can do this.

The first route to request a review of a DBS decision to bar is after the minimum period has elapsed since the original decision was made. This length of time depends on your age when you were barred:

  • Under 18 – 1 year
  • 18-24 – 5 years
  • 24 plus – 10 years

This review is not automatic. We must successfully persuade the DBS to review their decision based on drafted representations about how your circumstances have changed that mean your continued inclusion on a Barred List is no longer appropriate.

The second route to a review is only available in very limited circumstances, but is possible at any time, even if the minimum period has not yet expired. This can be where the DBS can be persuaded that new or important evidence exists that the DBS did not have at the time they made their original decision, for example the original representations were ‘homemade’ and missed vital points or the Court of Appeal has overturned a relevant criminal conviction.

Our team can give you full advice about a potential review of your inclusion on a Barred List.

Contact us to discuss your situation and we will advise you on the best course of action.

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