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The settlement agreement solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP are here to help you leave your job on fair terms. Your settlement agreement should be right for you and our job is to make sure you get the best deal.


How our Settlement Agreement Solicitors can help

Our settlement agreement solicitors’ priority is to protect your rights. These include the right not to suffer discrimination on protected grounds (such as sex, race, disability, religion or age) and the right not to be unfairly dismissed. A settlement agreement must look after your interests if it is to be fair. It is a legally binding document that, once signed, prevents you from bringing a claim for compensation.

The Settlement Agreement’s terms will be explained in plain English by our lawyers, helping you to make a decision on whether its financial incentives are reasonable. Our solicitors understand how the Employment Tribunals calculate compensation, which means that we can help you reach an informed decision about the terms of the agreement you have been offered.

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What is a settlement agreement?

Settlement Agreements are legally binding agreements to bring your employment to an end, usually with your employer paying you a sum of money in return for you promising not to bring any claims. Previously these agreements used to be called Compromise Agreements.

Typically Settlement Agreements are used in redundancies or business reorganisation but can also be used when an employee is off sick or where there is a workplace dispute.

Should I sign a settlement agreement?

The Settlement Agreement’s most important aspect is the amount of compensation your employer is prepared to pay you, as you will be signing away your rights to make further claims.

You cannot sign a Settlement Agreement without receiving independent legal advice about its terms and effects.

Our employment team will assist you with assessing the offer and negotiating more favourable terms if you wish to accept a Settlement Agreement. However, if you are unsure about signing away your rights we can also advise on potential compensation that might be available to you if you wish to pursue legal claims against your employer.

How much should I get from a settlement agreement?

Every Settlement Agreement is different, with the deal depending on your individual case. We can advise you on what you might expect to receive and work out the financial implications of taking your claim to Court.

How much will it cost me?

Usually, your employer will make a contribution towards your legal costs when they have offered you a settlement agreement. We will discuss this with you at the start of your case and agree what the costs will be. In many cases, the employer’s contribution will cover the cost of the advice we give.

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Richard Nelson LLP’s settlement agreement solicitors are based around the country. We can travel to you, meet you in our offices or speak remotely to ensure that you get the advice needed for your settlement agreement.

Our lawyers can help you with the entire process, from start to finish. Our employment service includes assessing your initial offer, negotiating more favourable terms and advising on taking the matter to Court should it become necessary.

Our settlement agreement services include;
– Assess the Settlement Agreement offer
– Advise on negotiating more favourable terms if necessary
– Advise on legal measures should you choose to go to Court

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