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Richard Nelson LLP’s team of experienced employment solicitors has an excellent reputation and proven track record in advising employees. We spend most of our adult life at work so when there is a problem there it can affect more than just your professional life; your personal life can suffer as well. We advise on all areas of employment law for employees. Get in touch today to discuss your workplace concerns or find out more about some of our key services below.


Representing Employees in the Workplace

Settlement agreements

Settlement Agreements are legally binding agreements to bring your employment to an end, usually with your employer paying you a sum of money in return for you promising not to bring any claims. You must have independent legal advice about the terms and effects of the agreement for a Settlement Agreement to be valid. It’s typical for your employer to make a contribution towards your legal costs with the legal advice that you have acquired.

Workplace disciplinary

Have you been invited to an investigatory meeting or disciplinary hearing? We understand how upsetting this can be, especially if you are worried about losing your job or career. We can advise you about what to do at these meetings and how to respond to allegations. We regularly advise regulated professionals such as teachers, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and social workers on disciplinaries.

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Workplace discrimination

Dealing with discrimination can be a humiliating and degrading experience for anyone, let alone employees and needs to be treated very seriously to ensure it’s prevented at all costs.

You might be discriminated against because of your sex, sexual orientation, religion and belief, race, colour or nationality, disability, age, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, marriage or civil partnership or because you are employed under either a part-time or fixed-term contract.

We have particular expertise in pregnancy/maternity discrimination. We understand how difficult it can be to return to work after maternity leave, especially if you feel you are fighting to save your job or with changes that have been implemented during your absence. Read our workplace discrimination page to find out more and discover how we can help you.

Workplace grievance & complaints

Grievances and complaints at work should be raised formally with your employer. However, some can be tricky to navigate, depending on their nature. Richard Nelson LLP’s employment team can advise employees on all aspects of the grievance procedure.

Unfair dismissal

Losing your job can be an ordeal, not least because it can leave you in financial uncertainty. If you have been unfairly dismissed, you can claim compensation. You can even ask for your job back or for your employer to re-employ you in another position. We can guide you through the employment tribunal procedure, which can be complicated and stressful.

Harassment & bullying

No one should have to deal with harassment and bullying in modern society, in the employment environment or otherwise. It can make you feel humiliated, worthless or degraded. You might be worried that no one will believe you or that you will get into trouble by raising the problem.

Employment tribunal claims

Our employment solicitors will work with you to help determine whether or not your case should be taken before the employment tribunal. We will ensure that you understand the options available to you at every step of the process and that you are fully prepared should a tribunal come to pass.

Judicial mediation

We have extensive experience of judicial mediation in Employment Tribunal claims.


More Information for Employees

Richard Nelson LLP’s employment solicitors have extensive knowledge of the issues that can affect professionals’ employment. They have written a number of articles on specific topics to provide information that we hope you will find helpful for a range of different challenges.

– What is bullying at work?
– How to deal with bullying at work
– What is workplace harassment?
– What is a workplace disciplinary procedure?

What will it cost?

We will always discuss fees with you openly and set limits on costs so that you know how much you have spent on legal fees. It may be likely that you already have legal costs covered, as legal expense insurance can sometimes be covered by home insurance, for example. However, we will discuss this with you when appropriate.

During an employment tribunal, it’s typical for each side to pay its own legal fees, irrespective of the tribunal’s outcome. There are exceptions but cost orders are rarely awarded.

What we do

Richard Nelson LLP’s employment solicitors work with employees to ensure that you are being fairly treated in your workplace.

– Settlement Agreements
– Disciplinaries
– Workplace Discrimination Cases
– Grievances and Complaints
– Unfair dismissal
– Harassment and bullying
– Employment Tribunal claims
– Judicial mediation

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