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Applications for first Operators Licences

Our transport lawyers are able to advise you in respect of applications for new operator’s licences, helping you determine what type of operator’s licence you need as well as helping you put the application for your licence together. Applying for an operator’s licence can be complicated and any errors can lead to delays in a licence being granted meaning work cannot be undertaken. It is also possible that a Public Inquiry can be called if the application is not put together correctly.

If you are thinking of making an application for an Operator’s Licence, you should contact our experienced transport solicitors today to discuss the process in detail.

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Applications for variations to existing Operators Licences

There will be times when amendments will need to be made to an existing Operators Licence. If the change is minor, these changes can often be made by a written application to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. However, where a major change is needed to the terms of an Operator’s Licence (for example there needs to be a change to the Operating Centre), it is essential that an application is made in the correct form and accompanied by the appropriate documentation.

Making an application for a new vehicle operator’s licence (whether it’s for the carriage of passengers or goods) or applications to vary a current operator’s licence can be a difficult process and one that can lead to a Public Inquiry if it isn’t completed correctly.

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Our experienced solicitors can help you with an Operators License application. Our services include:
– Advising on what type of licence you need to hold and the requirements for each;
– Helping you make your application;
– Representing you in the event that your application results in a Public Inquiry.

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