Richard Nelson LLP Wins Regulatory & White Collar Crime Team of the Year

We are pleased to announce that Richard Nelson LLP has been named Regulatory & White Collar Crime Team of the Year at the Wales Legal Awards 2020. The awards recognise legal excellency in firms that operate in Wales.

Richard Nelson LLP’s presence in Cardiff has been a crucial part of our success. Headed up by Steve Roberts and Jonathan Wright – both partners at the firm – our team in Wales specialises in a number of regulatory and white collar crime services.

Our work in these areas impressed the judges, who commented:

“The winning team’s practice, particularly in regard to the disciplinary and safeguarding work in which they excel, deserved the formal recognition that this award provides. Their support of fellow professionals, often at times of great mental stress, requires careful, sensitive and robust advice, which their submission amply demonstrated. The firm’s supportive and collaborative approach to help their teams adapt to remote working – with which we are all now self-evidently familiar – corroborated and confirmed the professional and caring approach the team adopts with and for their clients.”

Speaking about the award win, senior partner Richard Nelson said, “I am delighted that the team’s work has been rewarded by this acknowledgement and award. We strive to provide the best standard of support to our clients and are thrilled to be recognised by the wider legal community. To have our team win this for their expertise and commitment to providing specialist advice to clients is a proud moment for all involved.”

Regulatory law has been a cornerstone of Richard Nelson LLP since Richard founded the firm in 2003. Though we have grown over the years, the firm has continued to specialise in fraud and financial crime, tax investigations, professional disciplinary and other regulatory work.

Our Cardiff-based team, led by Steve Roberts and Jonathan Wright, specialises in several areas of regulatory law:

Championing mental wellbeing for solicitors

Steve Roberts has developed a niche specialism in SRA professional disciplinary work, representing solicitors with mental health issues. His work in this area has achieved a great deal of success in recent years.

Steve’s successes in his SRA work include a pro-bono case working with a solicitor facing an SDT (Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal) for allegations of dishonesty, even though she was dealing with multiple significant mental health issues. He was able to convince the SRA to withdraw their allegations in exchange for the solicitor being removed from the roll while she receives treatment. The outcome means that she will be able to return to the profession when she is well.

Steve also spent a year in office as President of Cardiff and District Law Society (CDLS), during which he encouraged more of a focus on mental wellbeing and made LawCare one of the society’s charities for the year.

Specialist safeguarding cases

Jonathan Wright has developed his own successful practice in advising clients on safeguarding issues, with a specific emphasis on representations before the DBS. His skills have also been utilised in investigations brought by the likes of Ofsted and accountancy regulators.

It is not uncommon for law-abiding people to have difficulties with the DBS and similar agencies when minor historic misdemeanours are held against them – events which may even have occurred decades ago. Jonathan has helped professionals such as head teachers, doctors and paramedics demonstrate that these historic events have no bearing on their present safeguarding risk.

Jonathan has also worked with younger people who are finding their conduct on social media coming under increased scrutiny. For example, the actions of a 12 year old can have a bearing on their applications to university courses or future roles in the medical, teaching and legal professions in any capacity. He provides specialist advice should problems of this nature arise.

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