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Defence Lawyers for DBS Appeals & Referrals

If the DBS have written to you to let you know that they have received a referral about you, you should consider contacting our DBS solicitors for urgent advice. We can advise you about the best approach to take and tactically when we should make written representations to the DBS about your position.

Once the DBS have considered the information that has been referred to them, they will decide whether they are minded to consider that the information they have been given make it appropriate to consider barring you. If so, they will send you a ‘minded to bar’ letter.

Minded to bar DBS letter

Once the DBS have given you a ‘minded to bar’ letter together with a bundle of the documents they are proposing to take into consideration, they will give you 8 weeks to respond to the DBS with your representations. It is highly advisable to make written representations in this situation.

Our DBS solicitors can make legal representations to explain to the DBS why it is inappropriate or disproportionate for the DBS to include you on one or both barred lists.  You may want to give your version of events, explain the background circumstances, offer mitigation, demonstrate insight and provide character references.

Our DBS solicitors can guide you through this process and prepare compelling written representations to the DBS, to seek to persuade them not to include you on a barred list.

DBS appeals

If the DBS have already made a decision to include you on a barred list, it may be possible to appeal this decision, depending on your circumstances. For an appeal to be successful, it is necessary to demonstrate that the DBS made an error of fact or in law. It is not possible to simply appeal because of an adverse outcome.

DBS Appeals are made to the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal. If you wish to discuss the merits of a DBS appeal, please contact one of our DBS solicitors today for a free and confidential telephone discussion about your case.

Asking the DBS to review a previous decision to bar

You can ask the DBS to review their decision to bar, only after a minimum barred period has elapsed. The length of time depends on your age when you were barred:

To successfully persuade the DBS to review their previous decision to include you on a barred list, we will need to demonstrate that you no longer pose a significant risk to children or vulnerable adults. It will be necessary for your circumstances to have changed significantly to the extent that the DBS are persuaded that your continued inclusion on a barred list is no longer appropriate.

The DBS can review a decision at any time if new information has come to light, or there has been a change of circumstances or they have made an error. This may be relevant if, for example, the Court of Appeal has overturned a relevant criminal conviction.

Our DBS solicitors can give you advice about applying for a review of your inclusion on a barred list.


Client Testimonials

“Your expertise and intelligence gave me the confidence to fight once more when I truly had given up with taking on an institution such as the DBS, after everything else I had been through. You have truly changed my life. I could not recommend you highly enough. I wish you all the luck and success in defending others out there who feel there is no one ‘in their corner’”

– Teacher client

Contact our DBS solicitors

If you have been referred to the DBS and certainly, if you have received a ‘minded to bar’ letter, you wish to obtain advice about a DBS appeal, or you wish to apply for the DBS to review a previous decision to bar, please contact our DBS solicitors today.

We will be happy to discuss your case in a free confidential telephone discussion.


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Our DBS solicitors are highly experienced in advising professionals who are at risk of being barred from working with children or vulnerable adults by the DBS.

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