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In certain situations, the GCC will refer a Registrant to an Investigating Committee for an Interim Suspension Hearing to consider if an Interim Order should be imposed against a chiropractor’s registration whilst allegations faced by a chiropractor remain unresolved.

It is not the purpose of an interim suspension hearing to make a factual finding in relation to the substantive allegations.

A case is likely to be referred for an Interim suspension hearing in situations such as:

This is not an exhaustive list as each case will be considered individually.

The Investigating Committee on hearing representations may make no order, or they may suspend a chiropractor’s registration pending the outcome of a substantive allegation. They will only suspend a Chiropractor if the committee is satisfied that this is a necessary measure to protect members of the public.

The GCC must give a Registrant at least 10 days notice of an Interim Suspension Hearing before the Investigating Committee and the Registrant is entitled (and in our view should) be legally represented at a hearing.

If the Investigating Committee decides to suspend a Chiropractor’s registration, the suspension will last for 2 months.

The consequences for a practitioner of being suspended are clearly serious in terms of a chiropractor’s reputation, career and financial position and it is, therefore, essential that expert legal advice and representation is obtained.

If you have been given notice of an Interim Suspension Hearing or think you are potentially at risk of facing this, then please contact Richard Nelson LLP, with no obligation, for expert advice and representation.

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