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The Family Law Solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP have years of experience handling separations and custody proceedings in a sensitive and professional manner. Our priority is to ensure you are receiving the legal support necessary to tackle this difficult time.



Separating and divorcing can be incredibly difficult for couples who share pets as it often adds to the emotional toll of the process.

For couples with no clear answer to a dog custody battle, there is often uncertainty as to who to go to or how to resolve the matter. With the high tension and disputes which can arise with separations, arguments over the dog custody are not uncommon.


How can we help in a Dog Custody Battle?

Our divorce solicitors will talk you through your options when you enquire about one of the above services or are going ahead with divorce proceedings.



Dog custody laws in the UK see dogs as “chattel” or inanimate objects, in the same way they do as cars, houses or other personal items. The family solicitors at Richard Nelson LLP understand the importance of dogs within a family unit and appreciates that for couples who have raised their dog together, this seems unfair, since both parties feel a bond and closeness with their dog.

In Court, a dog custody case will involve determining who the primary owner of the dog is. In a Small Claims Court, the District Judge holds power to decide who the sole owner of the dog is and can rule that person as the primary owner of the dog. Courts can also rule for joint custody of the dog, depending on the circumstances between the couple.

When deciding who gets custody of the dog, judges will often look for evidence of:



Our team of dog custody solicitors includes lawyers based across the country. We’re happy to work with anyone in any location, though we appreciate that many people prefer a more local contact in this difficult time. To help you choose the solicitor that is most convenient for you, take a look below to see where our dog custody advisors are based.

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Our divorce lawyers specialise in dog custody services when handling separations and custody proceedings for couples.

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