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GMC Registration and GMC Registration Appeals

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To work as a doctor in the UK, it is essential to be registered with the GMC with a licence to practise. At Richard Nelson LLP we have experience of assisting doctors with a variety of issues relating to GMC registration, including:


GMC Registration and EC rights

The GMC will not give doctors legal advice about their ability to apply for GMC registration in reliance of their EC rights. This is a very specialist area of law, combining expertise of EC rights law and GMC regulatory issues. At Richard Nelson LLP we regularly provide doctors with realistic advice about the prospects of the GMC granting them registration in reliance on their EC rights.
The GMC may agree that a doctor has EC rights, but this still does not guarantee automatic registration with the GMC. The GMC retain significant discretion when it comes to registration issues and will take into consideration a broad range of issues to decide whether they consider the doctor to be fit to practise in the UK.

Due to the complexity of advising doctors about their EC rights in connection with GMC registration, we offer an initial fixed fee telephone consultation service, during which we can review your circumstances and give you realistic advice about your situation. If we give you positive advice about your prospects of success, then for a further fixed fee, we can provide you with written representations about your legal status, to enable you to submit this with your application for registration to the GMC.

If you would like more information about our fixed fee service for advice about GMC registration in reliance on EC rights, then please contact us, as we will be happy to provide you with further information.


Assisting doctors with fitness to practise declarations and subsequent questions by the GMC

When applying for registration with the GMC, the GMC will ask doctors to complete detailed fitness to practise declarations. For most doctors, this is a straightforward process, but for those who perhaps have a criminal conviction/caution, or went through a fitness to practise investigation by their university, or another regulatory body, it is not so straight forward.
We have assisted many doctors with their application for GMC registration, often advising behind the scenes where appropriate, guiding doctors through the process and assisting them to answer any questions raised by the GMC, to maximise their prospects of obtaining GMC registration.


Assisting doctors who are International Medical Graduates (IMGs) with their application for GMC registration

International Medical Graduates who do not benefit from EC rights, need to pass an English Language test and the PLAB test before they can apply for GMC registration. However, much to the dismay of some international medical graduates, passing the PLAB test is not a guarantee that the GMC will grant a doctor with GMC registration. The GMC will still consider if it is in the public interest to grant a doctor GMC registration. A common reason for refusing a doctor GMC registration when a doctor has passed the PLAB test is that the doctor has a significant gap in their medical practice.

We have advised many international medical graduates about their prospects of obtaining GMC registration and about the merits of an appeal to the GMC’s Registration Appeals Panel, following the GMC’s refusal of their initial application for registration.


GMC’s Registration Appeals Panel

If a doctor’s application for registration with the GMC is refused, they have a right to appeal this decision to the GMC’s Registration Appeals Panel. We can advise a doctor on their options, including the merits of an appeal, to enable a doctor in this situation to make an informed decision about their options

There are some cases where a quicker and easier resolution will be to address any concerns the GMC have expressed and then make a fresh application in due course. However, other cases have sufficient merit to warrant an appeal to the GMC’s Registration Appeals Panel, where we have experience of representing doctors.


GMC Specialist Registration Appeals

Please refer to our specific page relating to GMC Specialist Registration Appeals.


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If you are experiencing difficulties with GMC registration or are contemplating an appeal to the GMC’s Registration Appeals Panel, then please contact our expert GMC defence lawyers, who will be happy to advise you. We also offer services for GMC specialist registration too.

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What we do...

Our expert GMC defence lawyers provide advice and representation for doctors:

  • Experiencing difficulties with GMC registration
  • Contemplating an appeal to the GMC’s Registration Appeals Panel
  • Regarding GMC registration in reliance on EC rights for a fixed fee service
  • We also advise international medical graduates about their prospects obtaining GMC registration and the appeals process.

Richard Nelson LLP also offers impartial advice on a range of related GMC matters:

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