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Specialist HCPC Lawyers for Health and Care Investigations

Our experienced and dedicated HCPC Lawyers provide expert legal representation for health and care professionals facing an HCPC investigation into their fitness to practise from the Health and Care Professional Council. We have experience of representing HCPC registrants from both the public and private sector, across a range of professions regulated by the HCPC.

Our HCPC lawyers are experienced at representing HCPC registrants in all stages of a fitness to practise investigation; from initial referral to interim order applications, written submissions to the Investigating Committee, legal representation before the HCPC’s Conduct and Competence Committee, representation in review hearings as well as High Court appeals.

We have a proven track record of preparing persuasively written submissions for the HCPC’s Investigating Committee. On numerous occasions, our HCPC solicitors have successfully persuaded the HCPC’s Investigating Committee that allegations are not well founded and/or that the HCPC do not have a realistic prospect of proving that the HCPC registrant’s fitness to practise is impaired. This has resulted in the swift conclusion of the HCPC’s investigation.

We understand the impact an investigation into your fitness to practise will have on you, both professionally and personally. Our HCPC solicitors will, therefore, fight tirelessly to ensure that you can continue to practise during an ongoing investigation, by getting the right results when defending you against an interim order application before the HCPC.

Where HCPC registrants are referred to the HCPTS (Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service) for a hearing before the Conduct and Competence Committee, we take a proactive approach and will always provide you with clear and constructive advice. Our HCPC lawyers have an excellent track record of securing the best possible outcomes for HCPC registrants.


Fees for legal representation for HCPC registrants

We are happy to speak to you over the telephone for an initial free consultation, to enable you to contact us with confidence and without obligation. If you then want to instruct us, you will find that we are transparent about our fees from the outset. We can usually offer fixed fees bespoke to your case and circumstances so that you can have certainty about your legal fees.

We regularly represent HCPC registrants, who are not members of a defence organisation, or who have been refused representation by their defence organisation. We also represent HCPC registrants who don’t want to be represented by a Panel firm, but who wish to have independent legal representation. We are also willing to provide a second opinion for those who are being represented elsewhere but wish to have a confidential and independent opinion about their case.

If your defence organisation is paying your fees, we are willing to be paid by them and can arrange this for you. You are entitled to have your solicitor of choice, rather than having to rely on a panel solicitor. So much is at stake for you in terms of your career, your reputation and of course your livelihood, you want to be sure that you have the best possible legal representation.


How we can help you with an HCPC investigation

Throughout an HCPC investigation, our experienced healthcare lawyers for HCPC registrants will provide you with specialist legal representation. We will work closely with you, taking a proactive approach, keeping you informed and ensuring that we are working together with an agreed strategy in place.

Drawing on our extensive expertise we prepare robust defences to support denied allegations and where necessary, we will present the Investigating Committee or the Conduct and Competence Committee with powerful mitigation on your behalf.

We will offer support and guidance throughout what can be a complicated and lengthy process, helping you to continue to focus on your career, safe in the knowledge that we will use our experience to ensure that we secure the best possible outcome for you.

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We offer impartial advice, so contact us if you would like to speak to one of our expert HCPC solicitors in strict confidence and without obligation:

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