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Richard Nelson LLP’s employment solicitors help employees navigate potentially complex grievance and complaints procedures while at work. Contact us today to find out more.

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Grievance & Complaints at Work

Being unhappy at work can be challenging, increasing your worry and stress. It can be even more difficult if you’re looking to raise a grievance as a result. Our legal advice and support is geared towards making sure your workplace disputes get resolved to your satisfaction and as quickly as possible.

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Should I Raise a Workplace Grievance?

You should raise a workplace grievance if there’s a particularly serious issue you’re concerned about while at work. Typical reasons to raise a grievance with your employer include:

  • Being asked to take responsibility for work outside your employment contract;
  • The pay you receive, or other terms and conditions related to your employment contract;
  • Workplace discrimination, whether it’s direct and concerns your age, gender, religious beliefs or other characteristics, or indirect where, for example, you’re unable to commit to a change in policy due to personal characteristics or circumstances.

Paying for a solicitor concerning workplace grievances and complaints

It’s typical for each party to pay legal fees during an employment tribunal, irrespective of who has won or lost. Although cost orders are rare, there can be exceptions.

If you are particularly concerned, use our no-obligation, free enquiry form so we can discuss the legal fees surrounding your workplace grievance and complaints with you – there may be ways we can guide you.

For example, your home insurance may already have legal costs included. If not, we may be prepared to take claims on a “no-win-no-fee” basis.

What we do

Whatever your grievance is concerning, we can help you by:

  • Drafting your grievance and workplace complaint
  • Helping you to negotiate with your employer if you want to leave
  • Preparing you for your grievance meeting
  • Writing appeals
  • Preparing you for the grievance appeal meeting
  • Advising about employment tribunal claims
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Find a solicitor who can help you with workplace grievances and complaints

Richard Nelson LLP’s employment solicitors work with employees who are considering complex grievance cases. We can assist you with as much of the process as you require, including drafting the initial complaint, preparing you for meetings and advising on progressing the case to an employment tribunal.

We have solicitors based in the north, midlands and south of England and are prepared to travel or meet remotely in order to work with you in the manner of your preference.

Specialist solicitors

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of specialists in a wide range of services, which means you'll always be represented by an expert in your area.

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Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation, fully confidential call to discuss your case and work out if you want to continue.

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Speak to solicitors in one of our offices throughout England and Wales, or arrange calls and remote meetings.


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